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Pagani Huayra confirmed for U.S.

Tue, 15 Feb 2011 00:00:00 -0800

The Pagani Huayra - Confirmed for the US

Despite becoming a hypercar maker of renown – a major achievement in a little over a decade – Pagani has never sold cars in the US. Which means the delicious Zonda – in all its many iterations – has never been available  in the US market, and even imports from other parts of the world are impossible. Well, impossible if you follow the rules, but if you care to bend things a little…

But Pagani always planned to sell the Pagani Huayra – Pagani’s latest creation – in to the US. It’s a big market and still – despite rising wealth in emerging economies – the biggest market for hypercars.

So it’s no surprise that Pagani has officially announced that the Huayra – which boasts 700bhp from its AMG V12 and 3.3 seconds to 60mph with a top speed of 230mph - will be sold in the US, starting late 2011.

Although it is a little surprising that Pagaini are saying the Huayra will be available later this year. Our sources are still saying there will be no Huayras for customers until 2012.

Pagani has released no details about its US dealer network – as far as we know it’s not been finalised yet – but it would be reasonable to assume we’ll initially see an East Coast dealer (New York/Connecticut), a West Coast dealer (Los Angeles) and a Southern States dealer (Dallas/Houston).

Which should mean no more Paganis being registered in Mexico or Canada and then going on ‘Holiday’ to the US.

By Cars UK