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Peugeot Onyx concept [w/Gallery]

Wed, 12 Sep 2012 00:00:00 -0700

Peugeot has previewed its Onyx concept, set to debut at this month's Paris motor show, just days after the first teaser images were released.

Very much a supercar in terms of its proportions and form, the Onyx is not the first time Peugeot's previewed super and super-sports cars in concept form, but the Onyx looks a lot more promising than previous efforts, from these photos at least. Conforming to the modern, eco-conscious supercar norm, the Onyx features a hybrid drivetrain - following in the footsteps of the BMW i8, Honda NSX and Jaguar CX-75. 

Peugeot's stated aim is to push itself upmarket and become a more premium brand, so the Onyx could be read as a sign that the company feels it needs more of a 'halo' car in order to achieve that aim. The most immediately obvious aspect of the Onyx is its split colorway across the body – a trick other makers have utilised recently, but one which in this resolution has an almost aftermarket ‘tuner' quality to it - though we suspect it will look rather more tasteful in the metal - the wings and doors are crafted from copper sheet and carbon fiber matte black bodypanels.

The Onyx's face integrates the widest, shallowest version yet seen of Peugeot's new grille. This is flanked by elongated, LED headlamps. The rear, meanwhile, adopts a light signature with three claws that also support small spoilers.

Inside, the egg box-inspired interior builds on some of the themes seen in Frankfurt 2011's HX1, along with a variation of the 'head-up cluster' gauge pack, read above (rather than through) a small steering wheel - an innovation that debuted on the 208. The cabin itself is made from felt and forms a cocoon around the driver and passenger in one piece – an interesting development which we'll be interested to see at close proximity in Paris - it's said to be a one-piece pod with no stitching or joins.

The steering wheel's carbon hub features aluminum controls while the dashboard is made of a new type of "wood" – Newspaper Wood – made from old newspapers. A panel of aluminum toggle switches is installed in the roof, including the engine starting switch. Behind this, a strip displays the images from the rear view cameras: two located in the mirrors, the third, panoramic, in the rear capping.

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