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Porsche Battery – a mere £1200

Thu, 10 Dec 2009 00:00:00 -0800

The rather expensive Porsche Lithium Ion Battery

Car batteries have been roughly the same shape and size – and utilised basically the same lead-acid technology – for years. They’ve got better, as you no longer need to top them up with distilled water at regular intervals (I’m showing my age now), and they are less prone to going flat. But that probably has more to do with alternators replacing dynamos than the batteries themselves.

But now you can get a proper 21st century battery for your Porsche if the urge takes you. Porsche are to offer as an option a Lithium Ion Battery to replace the standard fare on the new Porsche Boxster Spyder and on the GT3. And what are Porsche going to charge you for this glorified laptop battery? An unbelievable £1200. That’s one thousand two hundred pounds, in case you need it spelling out.

Now I know Porsche has a reputation for charging through the nose for extras, but that amount of money for an additional battery does seem to border on madness. Yes, it’s smaller, lighter and more powerful, but it still just starts the car and gets charged. And to add insult to injury you still have to put on the old standard battery in the winter because the new Lithium Ion one doesn’t perform too well in the cold. Oh, dear.

Soon. Money. Madness. Parted. Fool. Include the preceeding words in a sentence to best describe the man who ticks the option box for a Lithium Ion battery on his new Porsche.

By Cars UK