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Range Rover Evoque: A different Evoque for every customer

Sat, 05 Mar 2011 00:00:00 -0800

The Range Rover Evoque in Geneva came in a fetching shade of green

We’ve had the roll out of the Range Rover Evoque piecemeal over the last nine months, from the first showing of an Evoque with a name at Kensingon Palace last July, through to the reveal of the 5-Door Evoque – accidentally at Paris and then officially at Los Angeles.

What we now learn at Geneva is that Land Rover intends for the Evoque to be the most customisable Range Rover there has ever been, with an almost endless permutation of options and colours and fabrics and styles and…

The starting point for customising the Evoque – beyond choosing either diesel or petrol, 2WD or 4WD and 3 or 5 door – is the basic trim options of Pure, Prestige and Dynamic.

Then you’ll get confronted with the options for the exterior paint job; there are twelve of those with three different, contrasting roof colours. To go with the roof and bodywork permutations there are a choice of seven different alloys, from 18″ to 20″.

After you’ve spent hours poring over the exterior options, it’s time to start on the interior. There are sixteen different tailored designer interiors to choose from with four metal finishers and two wood veneers. There are then three headliner colours and choice of illuminated aluminium and chrome tread plates.

You can throw in to the equation stuff like black or chrome roof rails and a panoramic roof before you even start on options like sill tubes and carrier systems for the roof and bicycle carriers and…

There seems zero chance that any two Evoques come out the same unless dealers offer up standard specs to take stock in. Which is all fine and dandy – we love choice. We just hope Land Rover has been as thorough in making sure the Evoque is a proper Land Rover under the skin.

Because when all’s said and done, that is still the USP. The rest is just a great big bonus.

Note: Land Rover has sent us a press release with the outline of the Evoque’s enormous range of custom options, which seems to encompass everything they’ve ever told us about the Evoque. So as Land Rover has put in all that work we thought we ought to at least put it up for you to read, if you feel that way inclined.

So if you have a couple of weeks free you can take in all 12000 words in the Range Rover Evoque Geneva 2011 Press Release.

They do go on a bit.

By Cars UK