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Range Rover Evoque: Arden AR8 City Roader revealed

Fri, 18 Mar 2011 00:00:00 -0700

Range Rover Evoque by Arden - the Arden AR8 City Roader

It would be nice to think that the pimpers and preeners of nice bits of manufacturers metal would at least wait until a new car hits the road before adorning it with the automotive equivalent of a glitter ball, a spray tan and too much makeup. But, no.

German tuner Arden has taken the funky Range Rover Evoque and made it ‘better’, delivering the end result as the Arden AE8 City Roader.

Which shouldn’t be a big surprise. We had the same pre-launch reveal from Arden with the Jaguar XJ by Arden – the AJ22 – and Arden obviously feel it’s best to strike with the Evoque before it arrives in showrooms this Summer, when buyers realise it doesn’t need gilding.

Arden have added a set of its own Dakar II alloys to go with the ‘subtle’ body kit, which includes a front apron and side skirts. In an enticing piece of tasteful customisation you can opt to have the sills illuminated and a plaque with your name on in a hollow on the alloys. Oh, joy.

Good stuff includes a bit of extra tweaking to deliver an additional 30bhp and some additional torque to the EcoBoost lump, and a stainless-steel sport exhaust system

We’ve seen an Arden or two at various events and, to be fair to Arden, they’re far from the worst of the bunch of OTT pimpers with a client base centred in Cheshire’s ‘Orange Belt’ of WAGs and Wannabes. But we’ve never seen one in the wild.

Maybe we don’t get to Cheshire enough.

By Cars UK