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Renault 4 Ever contest shortlist announced

Thu, 04 Aug 2011 00:00:00 -0700Renault and Design Boom have announced the ten designs that have been shortlisted in their ‘Renault 4 Ever’ design competition. Over 3,200 projects were submitted by design enthusiasts from 92 different countries after Renault, in collaboration with Design Boom, released a brief calling for designs that re-created the ‘look and style' of the iconic Renault 4, capture the functionality and minimalistic philosophy of the original while respecting its identity and iconic status.

The jury also wanted to see innovative design and technology for sustainable mobility. The original Renault 4 was designed to be adaptable as the car spawned several versions, including a four-wheel drive vehicle and a van.

Dutch designer Marco van Leeuwen, one of those shortlisted, designed the 'Renault 4 Remake’, a concept car which maintains the look of the original 
but allows the owner to customize the vehicle to suit their needs.

French designers Kevin Léné and Alix Petit have created 'Quatre' electric car, which also maintains the iconic look but adapts its functionality for the green economy.

'R4 People' is a concept car by Argentinean designer Sebastian Pablo Salanova. It includes both hatchback and van 
styles that can be used in diverse contexts and it aims to maintain the simplicity of the original Renault 4 while considering environmental issues, with the five-door hatchback and a two-door van powered by engines with an electric lithium battery.

Romanian designer Vlad Iorgulescu has created 'Renault 4 Redesigned', designed to be made from sustainable and recyclable materials. It features an electric engine with liquid batteries that can be recharged 
within minutes and a hood fitted with solar panels to power all the basic functions.

'Revival of a childhood impression' is a redesign concept by Italian designer David Obendorfer.
The proposal adds modern updates to the original’s body and interior, such as LCD
 information systems as well as options for hybrid or electric power. 'R4 Rally' is a concept car by French designers Yann Terrer and Jérôme Garzon. This proposal is a solar-powered vehicle which integrates nanotechnology with environmentally-friendly materials.

Aiming to create a circular economy, the 'Renault 4Lectric' concept vehicle by French designer Charlie Nghiem uses solar power to fuel both itself and its community. The 'r4' ('r4volution') concept by UK-based designer Mark Cunningham is an all-purpose compact family adaptation of the Renault '4L'. In addition to utilizing sustainable materials and manufacturing, the design proposes a system where the vehicle body and the engine are owned separately, easing replacement and upgrading over time without the need to purchase a new car.

American designer Allen Zadeh has created 'Renault Eleve' as a redesign concept for the Renault 4. While capturing the vehicle's iconic style, this model allows for multiple possible variants, emphasizing the need to integrate an interactive aspect in order to appeal to a younger demographic.

The work of Spanish industrial designer Miguel Herranz, 'the nice icon of industrial change', redesign concept emphasizes the need for balance between the car's classic style and contemporary design needs, and is promoted as a 'returnable' car to facilitate the recycling and reuse of parts.

The winning designer from among the shortlisted candidates will receive the Renault 4 that Michel Leclère drove in the 2011 historic Rallye Monte-Carlo. The second-placed submission will earn the creator €5000 while third place will be awarded €3000.

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By Rufus Thompson