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Skoda Superb Combi Outdoor with added Rufty-Tufty

Wed, 06 Jun 2012 00:00:00 -0700

The Skoda Superb Combi Outdoor is the Skoda take on the VW family ‘Allroad’, with a raised ride height and bolt-on plastic goodness.

Even now, when Skoda has all but managed to shake off the mantle of Soviet Skip, the Superb Combi is still a much underrated car.

The Superb Combi looks good, is well equipped and far more appealing than its (perfectly decent) hatch sibling. It comes with a wide range of powertrains and even gets the option of a 3.6 litre V6 with 4WD, DSG ‘box, 260 horses and a 0-60mph of around 6 seconds. And all from prices starting at £19k (although the V6 is £31k).

And now Skoda is offering the Superb Combi Outdoor, which is best thought of as Skoda’s version of the Audi Allroad or VW Alltrack, although it looks like the ‘Outdoor’ bit is a pack you can bolt on to any Superb Combi from the FWD 1.4 TSi to the 4WD V6, rather than a stand alone model.

The Superb Combi Outdoor offers pretty much what you’d expect from an ‘Allroad’ estate, with bolt-on plastic cladding for the vulnerable bits – rear bumper, wheel wells and door sills –  a redesigned front bumper and a raised ride height. You’ll also get a set of round fogs at the front to complete the rufty-tufty butch look.

Skoda say you can have the Outdoor pack for the Superb Combi on any Superb model except the Greenline variants, although they don’t seem to have thought up a price for the butch look yet. We’ll update when they do.


By Cars UK