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Spiderman is driver's ideal superhero rescuer

Thu, 28 Aug 2014 00:00:00 -0700

MORE DRIVERS in the UK say they would want Spiderman to save them in the event of a breakdown than any other superhero. The web-shooting superhero was chosen by 24% of drivers as they reckon he’d be more able to fix their car or get them to safety.

Superman was a close second (22%) in the survey by IGW, with drivers commenting the crime fighter from Krypton would be able to lift their car to a garage to be fixed. A more unusual third choice was Bananaman in third place (14%) as motorists said he would make them smile and he’d have a snack with him.

Batman and Robin came as a package in fourth place with 10% of those surveyed, and they believe Robin would be the better at fixing their car but Batman would be able to tow it to a safe place.

Wonderwoman ranks in fifth spot (9%) and is popular with female drivers who want to see a friendly face when they break down. Sixth in the survey (8%) went to Wolfman as drivers think he’d be good at stopping other traffic and preventing an accident.

The other positions in the top 10 of superheroes to help in a breakdown are the Invisible Man (4%), Catwoman (4%), The Hulk (3%) and The Ninja Turtles (2%).

By Press Association reporters