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Subaru XV crossover teased with photo ahead of Frankfurt

Thu, 01 Sep 2011 00:00:00 -0700

Subaru XV tease photo

We understand the tease, we really do. The ability for car makers to get reams of online coverage for every snippet of information they deign to impart ahead of a car launch is powerful. Which is why we have a photo tease for the Subaru XV Crossover ahead of Frankfurt.

But sometimes we don’t see the point. Silly partial shots of cars to come are all very well (if rather tedious after the first couple), but when we’ve already seen a car, we really don’t get it.

Which is why we found the teaser sketch Subaru sent us of the XV Crossover a week or two ago particularly pointless. Unless Subaru had radically changed the XV from Concept to production, that is. Which was highly unlikely.

And now that ‘highly unlikely’ is confirmed with the latest bit of daft teasing for the XV. It shows us a rear three-quarter view of the XV – and it looks exactly the same as the concept did (concept gallery below).

The lights are the same shape and size and every surrounding body panel looks identical. Yes, there’s the merest hint of a fake diffuser on the production XV which isn’t on the concept XV, but that’s it.

But moans about the XV tease apart (and yes, we’ve covered it so Subaru got what they wanted), the XV does look promising. An Impreza on small stilts with all the same abilities is appealing. Give us a Subaru XV WRX STI and we’ll be grinning from ear to ear.

More from Frankfurt. Or before, if Subaru drag the XV tease out any further.

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