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Suzuki Swift (2011): UK prices and detail

Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:00:00 -0700

The 2011 Suzuki Swift - UK prices and detail

Suzuki gave us some details – and an official photo – of the 2011 Suzuki Swift back in June. But their hand was somewhat forced after photos leaked out, so Suzuki took the pragmatic route and gave out just that bit more than the leak.

But now the 2011 Suzuki Swift is ready to hit showrooms in the UK we have rather more detail. And it’s good news, with the Swift starting at almost £1,000 less than we expected.

The Swift will come in three flavours of trim – SZ2, SZ3 and SZ4 – with the SZ2 starting at £9,995 and the SZ4 tops out at at £13,245 for a five door with an auto ‘box. And the kit is far from shoddy even on the SZ2.

The SZ2 gets a plethora of airbags and ESP, Audio with MP3 and CD, USB connection, electric windows and remote locking. Which is hardly hair shirt time. Climb the tree and you’ll get AirCon and 16″ alloys in the SZ3 and Climate, Bluetooth, Keyless start and Cruise in the SZ4. A proper, grown-up spec.

Bigger than the outgoing Swift – the new Suzuki Swift is 90mm longer and an extra 50mm in the wheelbase – but despite that extra size it’s lighter and stiffer with better performance and dynamics.

At launch it’s Hobson’s Choice on the oily bits with the 1.2 litre VVT being the only engine on offer. But it’s not a bad lump, offering 92bhp and 87lb/ft of torque with and average of 56.5mpg. Power is very similar (and emissions 17% better) to the outgoing 1.3 litre lump but offers an improvement of 7.8mpg over the previous 1.3-litre unit

But if you really must have a diesel in the new Suzuki Swift you won’t have to wait too long, with a 1.3 litre diesel planned for 2011.

You could do a lot worse for the money.

By Cars UK