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Suzuki Swift 4×4 arrives in the UK – costs from £11,516

Tue, 09 Jul 2013 00:00:00 -0700

New Suzuki Swift 4×4 (SZ4 pictured) arrives in the UK

The Suzuki Swift is a fun little car and a great alternative to more mainstream options. And now you can have it with 4WD. The Suzuki Swift 4×4 has been announced for the UK – it’s already on sale in parts of Europe and Japan – adding the ability to cope with slippery surfaces with a bit more alacrity.

Suziki has resisted the temptation to make the Swift 4×4 a butch little pseudo crossover, and the SZ3 version looks almost the same as the regular, FWD, Swift with the exception of a slightly raised ride height and a few 4×4 badges.

The SZ4 (pictured above) does go a bit further down the butch road by adding in skid plates at the front and back and a few bits of plastic cladding to cope better with the urban jungle.

The penalty for 4WD isn’t huge, with the permanent 4-wheel drive system adding just 65kg to the Swift’s weight and, most of the time, running in FWD mode. But if the Swift senses slip it can transfer torque to the back wheels through a viscous coupling to keep it moving.

It’s a sensible and appealing offer from Suzuki for a proper little all-weather option for the Swift, and with the 4×4 available from just £11,516 for the SZ3 and £13,116 for the SZ4, thanks to Suzuki’s (never ending) VAT free offer, it’s a cheap way to keep moving.

The Suzuki Swift 4×4 is now on sale in the UK.

By Cars UK