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Suzuki Swift Sport advert banned for being too ‘Hot’ +video

Tue, 17 Apr 2012 00:00:00 -0700

Suzuki Swift Sport Advert gets banned in Australia

The Australian Advertising Board has banned a TV advert for the new Suzuki Swift Sport because it looks too much fun.

There are few things in life you can rely on, but the Suzuki Swift Sport being bags of fun for the money is one. Another, we always thought, was the easy-going, laid-back attitude to life that makes Australians so endearing. But it seems Australia has been invaded by a dose of the Nanny State.

Suzuki in Australia put together a fun little TV promo for the Swift Sport which did exactly what an advert for a fun, hot little hatch should do and threw in a sexy girl, some exuberant driving, an underground car park and a healthy slab of innuendo. Perfect.

But Australia’s Advertising Board has jumped in and banned Suzuki’s advert. Why? Because Australians complained about hooning, loss of traction, linking speed and dangerous driving with sex appeal, improper use of seatbelts, fogs and headlights on together and a ‘female increasingly turned-on in a bizarre sexual way’. Good Lord.

We thought the UK had the monopoly on daft complaints and even dafter authorities upholding said daft complaints. But it appears Australia’s British roots are starting to show, and they’re getting as bad as us.

What a shame.


Source: Car Advice

By Cars UK