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The Stig revealed!

Mon, 19 Jan 2009 00:00:00 -0800

‘Black’ Stig got the sack when he was revealed as F1 hopeful Perry McCarthy (who lives just down the road from our office) and was ceremoniously dropped from the Top Gear frolics by being jettisoned off an aircraft carrier. So what will the boys have in store for ‘White’ Stig now his identity has been revealed as….?

Ben Collins. Not exactly a household name, admittedly, but you can’t argue with the man’s driving skills. He’s driven at Le Mans and in NASCAR, and was Daniel Craig’s stunt driver in the last Bond outing – Quantum of Solace.

Ben Collins is The Stig

So although his identity was a bit of an open secret, how come it’s all come out now? Well, the poor man seems to have shot himself in the foot. Obviously proud of who he is, he traipsed in to a picture framers in Bristol asking for images of himself to be put out on a limited edition print run. The gallery owner outed him (guess he won’t be getting the business – unless he got Ben’s money before going public) as did a builder who did work at Collins’ house and saw the ‘Stig Suit’.

So what now? Will the Stig have to go? And what’s next? Purple Stig?

By Cars UK