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The name’s Evoque, Range Rover Evoque

Sun, 23 Oct 2011 00:00:00 -0700

Is the Range Rover Evoque heading for a starring role in the new James Bond film?

There’s nothing quite like a car front and centre in big a film to up its profile. Look at what Bond did for Aston Martin and vampires for Volvo. And now it looks like Jaguar and Land Rover are about to get some decent product placement on the new James Bond film – so far known only as Bond 23.

We know that one of the first segments to be filmed is going to happen at Smithfield on 7th November, with a typically Bond sequence where Daniel Craig jumps on the move from a Jaguar to a Range Rover. What we didn’t know – perhaps until now – is which Jaguar and which Range Rover will be involved.

But MSN Cars seem to have a bit of inside information that a Range Rover Evoque has been delivered to Pinewood Studios – home of the Bond franchise – and has reached the perfectly reasonable conclusion that it’s the Evoque the Bond producers (and this time round the Bond producer is ex Mr Kate Winslett, Sam Mendes ) will be featuring in the film.

But what’s the Jaguar that’s going to turn up at Smithfield next month to play silly buggers with the Evoque?

Sensibly, depending on what the scene is, we’d expect Jaguar to want its newest and best product front and centre. That could mean the first appearance on film of the new the Jaguar XE / C-X16.

It could of course be the latest XJ Jaguar want to highlight or even the most powerful car Jaguar has – the XJR-S. But our money’s on the Jaguar XE.

But despite the odds favouring a Jaguar XE and a Range Rover Evoque as the likely culprits, there is just an outside chance that Land Rover will let the Bond franchise loose on the very new – and as yet seen undisguised – 2013 Range Rover.

Perhaps we should send a photographer off to Smithfield next month just in case?

By Cars UK