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The new Jaguar XJ – its creators' guided tour

Thu, 09 Jul 2009 00:00:00 -0700

By Tim Pollard

First Official Pictures

09 July 2009 20:30

Mike O’Driscoll, Jaguar managing director

‘We are remaking Jaguar. It started a few years ago with the XK and the XF has become the cornerstone of rebuilding Jaguar. Our next step is this new XJ – it’ll help us transform Jaguar into a sporting company. If you were a customer in 2008, you’d have faced a choice of X-type, S-type, XJ and XK. By the end of 2009, every single one of those has been renewed.’

‘The new XJ is a thoroughly modern interpretation of the quintessential Jaguar. Its visual impact stems from the elongated teardrop shape of the car’s side windows, that powerful stance and its wide track. It is the most emphatic statement yet of Jaguar’s new design direction.’

‘UK prices haven’t been announced yet, but it will start with a 5 not a 4 [prices have now been confirmed from £52,500, add £3000 for a LWB]. We want to reposition the new XJ away from where the old car was. Emotionally, we reckon it’ll fall between the cold S-class and the emotional Quattroporte.’

‘Modern Jaguar makes beautiful fast cars. Every new model should fulfil the following criteria:

1) Seductive design
2) Unforgettable interiors
3) Sporting character
4) Refined power
5) Intuitive engineering

‘We can do this because we are the biggest automotive R&D establishment in the UK. We’re the seventh biggest R&D player of any UK business and employ 1500 engineers, or 3200 across Jaguar Land Rover.’


By Tim Pollard