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Top Gear India Christmas – the trailer

Mon, 19 Dec 2011 00:00:00 -0800

Top Gear Christmas Special in India - airs 28th December

It’s almost Christmas, so there’s a Top Gear Special in the offing. This time to India, and the BBC have released a video trailer.

Back in October we reported that the Top Gear team had decamped to the Subcontinent to film a Christmas special for the Beeb. Yes, Top Gear had invaded India for the 2011 festive episode.

That report was over two months ago, so the Beeb boys have had plenty of time to stitch the footage from the mayhem in India together and, with transmission due in a little over a week, they’ve done what they did last year and released a trailer to give just a little taste of what Messrs Clarkson, Hammond and May are up to.

The cars are British Classics with plenty of opportunity for malfunction, with a Mini Cooper, Jaguar XJS and Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. The Mission? To build trade with India which, TG daftness apart, is actually exactly what we should be doing).

But this is the Top Gear take on a trade mission, so we get mad traffic, India’s legendary train network, snake charmers and daft ball games in the Himalayas. Just another normal day in the life of a Top Gear trade ambassador. Fortunately, India is almost used to Jeremy’s take on diplomacy – which is from the Prince Philip school of frankness – so we doubt this episode will garner the¬†criticism¬†last year’s ‘The Baby Stig’ Top Gear special did.

The Top Gear Christmas Special in India airs on BBC2 on 28th December at 8pm.

Source: BBC Top Gear

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