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Toyota Auris Hybrid emissions cut to 84g/km

Tue, 14 May 2013 00:00:00 -0700

We’ve long believed that car makers better serve their customers by offering ‘Green’ options as add-ons to regular car models, and adding the hybrid option from the Prius to the Auris has seen Auris sales climb steeply whilst Prius sales drop off.

There’s only so many buyers who want to shout their green halo from the rooftops, so incorporating green technologies in the regular range opens up far more¬†possibilities¬†for a sale.

Now, with the Auris Hybrid sales growing by 69 per cent year on year in the UK, Toyota has had a play to make the Auris Hybrid even more efficient.

That means aerodynamic tweaks – like aero-stabilising fins in the rear glass – and a bit of computer brain fiddling to reduce the official emissions number to just 84g/km (down from 91g/km), a tad better than the 85g/km on the Sports Touring, which means official economy also improves.

The reduction doesn’t mean any drop in VED or BIK rates, but every last mile from a gallon of petrol is to be welcomed.

By Cars UK