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Toyota Prius Plug-in price & options: Costs £32,895

Tue, 10 Apr 2012 00:00:00 -0700

Toyota Prius Plug-in - arrives in July & costs £33k

The Toyota Prius Plug-in finally arrives in July 2012 and will cost £32,895 in a single spec plus a range of options.

Toyota has been promising the Prius Plug-in would arrive in Toyota UK showrooms for quite some time and it looks like they’ve managed to pin that down to July. Probably.

Toyota also seem to have finally pinned down a price for the Plug-in Prius too – £32,895. Toyota did say in February it would cost ‘under £35k’ for the plug-in Prius, so they’ve delivered on that, and for as long as the taxpayer bribe for the comfortably off to polish their green halo is still in funds you can also knock £5k off the list price.

Standard kit on the Prius plug-in – apart from the plug-in HSD powertrain with its lithium-ion battery – includes LED running lights and headlights, Toyota Touch and Go Plus with touchscreen (which includes SatNav, voice recognition and Bluetooth), DAB, JBL sound system, Cruise, heated seats, 15″ alloys and auto lights and wipers.

If you want to spend more (and if you’re spending at least £28k on an average family car, you might as well) then you can spec the Prius plug-in with leather (£1500), privacy glass (£270) or a style pack and/or protection pack (£360 each).

Colour choices for the plug-in are Sky Blue (new and Prius Plug-in only), Tyrol Silver and Novus Grey metallics and White Pearl Pearlescent.

Don’t expect joy in the drive from the Prius plug-in, but it is a remarkable transport appliance that will doubtless work as reliably as the regular Prius. And if you can get the tax breaks and want to use it in London, it can make sense.


By Cars UK