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Tracker launches ‘My Tracker’ & opens up a whole new market

Wed, 10 Apr 2013 00:00:00 -0700

If you have a car that costs a bit more than average, you’ve probably been told you need to fit a Tracker if you want to get it insured, so the insurance company has a fighting chance of recovering your car in quick sticks if a light-fingered lout makes off with your pride and joy.

It’s a clever system that uses hidden sensors to track the car’s movements and helps the police find your car when it’s been stolen. And it’s a good business for Tracker, who have demonstrated the recovery rate of stolen vehicles is far higher when their system is fitted which means a ready market when insurance companies insist it’s fitted to high value cars.

But the market for Tracker is primarily at the high-end and, although a good business model, they could do with a way of encouraging drivers of more mainstream cars to fit a Tracker. It looks like their latest offering – My Tracker – will do just that.

My Tracker allows owners to track their car’s movements through an App from anywhere in the world. It also allows owners to set a ‘GeoFence’ for the cars’ movements and get an alert if the car is driven either in to or out of an area they’ve pre-defined. Owners can also set a ‘Not in Use’ time period, so if the vehicle is started up during those hours they’ll also get an alert.

Other clever stuff includes the ability to see their vehicle on either Google maps when they’re out and about and get information on traffic flow, incidents and accidents.

It’s a strong pitch for a Tracker to be fitted to all company cars; companies can then monitor movements and use in real time and ensure any driving restrictions they’ve imposed – particularly on commercial vehicle use out of working hours – is complied with. But we think this App opens up a whole new market for Tracker.

Doesn’t fitting a Tracker and the My Tracker App to your kid’s cars strike you as a perfect way to keep teenage drivers in check? They might not like it but, as a parent, the ability to know exactly where your teenage offspring are driving – and when and how – is a real benefit.

You could set boundaries for their driving in geographical terms and make sure they’re in at a sensible time and not blatting round in the early hours causing mayhem. You can also check if they’ve been breaking speed limits.

Suddenly, Tracker goes from being a must-have on any high-end car to being a must-have for any company car or any car driven by youngsters.

Sounds like a strong offering.

By Cars UK