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Trevor’s Back! TVR sold to new British owner

Fri, 07 Jun 2013 00:00:00 -0700

TVR sold to a new British owner, Les Edgar

TVR – once the pride of Blackpool – effectively disappeared from the car scene in 2006 when its Russian owner, Nikolai Smolensky, shuttered up TVR just two years after he bought it from Peter Wheeler and last yeare announced there would never be another TVR.

But it now seems TVR has been sold to a British businessman, Les Edgar, who has bought the rights to the TVR name and the right to manufacture parts for existing cars.

So far, the only evidence of a return is a new splash page on the TVR website (pictured above) which tells us that TVR are ‘Roaring Back’. But exactly what ‘Roaring Back’ means, we’ll have to wait and see.

Will Les throw money at an all new car, or will he concentrate on providing parts for the umpteen (often unreliable) TVRs already on the road? Will it be back to Blackpool (and if it is, will he get TVR’s most famous former employee, Alfie Boe, to cut the ribbon?) or will there be a new start in a new location? Will the TVR Sagaris make a return?

Whatever it is, it’s good to see TVR back in play. Yes, their cars were always a little bonkers and left field, and there was little concept of ergonomics or build quality. But they were a blast and were also, at one time, one of the biggest ‘Garden Shed’ sports car makers in the world.

Count us more than a little interested in a TVR comeback.

By Cars UK