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UK drivers change cars as often as their mobile phone

Wed, 23 Jul 2014

DRIVERS in the UK change their cars as often as they swap to a new mobile phone. In the past 10 years, the average British motorist has owned four mobile phones and four cars.

A study by Privilege shows that most drivers own an average of seven cars in their driving career, even though that figure includes four cars in the past decade.

Older drivers are more likely to save up and buy a car outright with cash, while younger drivers in their twenties are more likely to rely on parental help to buy their first car. The research shows 23% of drivers in the twenties were gifted their first car by their parents compared to 11% of drivers aged 50 and above.

However, the study also found that two thirds (66%) of drivers put money aside and save towards their next car compared to 12% who say they will rely wholly on credit to fund a new car.

Charlotte Fielding, head of car insurance at Privilege, commented: ‘People change their mobile phones frequently to ensure they have the latest brands, the most up to date designs and technology; it’s no different with cars. With technology forming an integral part of a vehicle’s function and design, consumers not only want cutting edge mobile phones, but technologically advanced driving experiences as well.’

By Press Association reporters