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VW BlueSport Concept moves nearer to reality

Mon, 19 Jan 2009 00:00:00 -0800

We reported last week on the VW BlueSport Concept, a relatively economical 2 seat roadster, which VW unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show. We said then that if we were VW we’d be pressing the start button as soon as possible, and reports seem to indicate that that is exactly what VW are hoping to do.

The secret to the success of the BlueSport will be the ability of the VW Group as a whole to find three platforms within its setup that can produce viable models based on the BlueSport Concept. VW is obviously up for the job and, as we reported earlier today, it would seem that Audi is in the game with its planned E2 Roadster, part of its five-model Eco-Car plan. But where to go for the third marque?

VW BlueSport Concept – Looks set to be a VW, an Audi and a Porsche

The choice is limited. SEAT is probably too downmarket to justify any sort of premium cost for the concept, as is Skoda. I can’t see a Lambo or Bugatti at this sort of level, but it would seem that Porsche is a good fit.

It is well known that Porsche would like to find a 21st century version of the Porsche 924. The 924 was in essence a VW, but it enjoyed good sales a few decades ago, even if many felt it tarnished Porsche’s halo. But times are different, and a BlueSport concept badged Porsche would certainly sell at a premium price.

A senior VW Group Exec has said “To make a strong business case for the new roadster, we need to share the investment with at least three brands,”

So come on, Porsche. After all, it will reduce your average Co2 by quite a chunk, not to mention add to your profits, and all that dosh can be ploughed back in to the real Porsches!

By Cars UK