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VW Passat Hiighline tops Volkswagen’s Passat range

Thu, 18 Oct 2012 00:00:00 -0700

Volkswagen has added the VW Passat Highline at the top of the Passat, replacing the Passat SE and adding more equipment.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the VW Passat; it’s well built and very able. It’s just very anonymous and rather dull.

The almost invisible Passat isn’t going to jump out and shout ‘Look at Me’ with the addition of the VW Passat Highline to VW’s Passat range, but at least you’ll be able to drive unnoticed with a few more toys at your disposal.

The Passat Highline – which replaces the Passat SE – gets the RNS 315 Touchscreen SatNav, front and rear parking sensors, dual zone Climate and a set of almost fancy 17″ ‘Sao Paolo’ alloys. All of which, say Volkswagen, would have cost you £1,680 if you’d bolted them on your Passat SE.

That £1650 is made up of £750 for the SatNav (which comes with a full colour screen and traffic monitoring), £430 for the parking sensors (and means you can now have VW’s auto parking system for just £195) and £500 for the two zone climate .

And even though it’s nowhere near Christmas yet, Volkswagen are going to throw all those goodies in for just an extra £500, making the starting point for a range-topping VW Passat Highline just £20,790 for the 1.4 litre TSI 122PS Highline.

So rush off to your local VW dealers now for a new Passat Highline – some VW dealers already have them in stock.

Just don’t expect anyone to realise you’ve got a new car.


By Cars UK