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Volvo S60 (2010/2011) – the Video

Thu, 31 Dec 2009 00:00:00 -0800

Volvo has released video of the 2010 Volvo S60

We first got the new Volvo S60 tease nearly a year ago, and rather unkindly we speculated that the production car would look nothing like the concept. It looked far too stylish and flowing for Volvo Рreminiscent of cars like the Jaguar XF Рto actually put in to production. But we were wrong.

Volvo released images of the new S60 last month, and it’s little changed from the concept. Even the colour’s pretty much the same.Which did make us moan about how long it’s taken to get the S60 to the road as it seems as if the concept was almost production ready this time last year.

Still, with the deal all but done for Ford to sell Volvo to Geely – and Geely affirming they want Volvo to carry on as is and not be shipped lock, stock and barrel to China – things are looking up for the Swede. The new S60 for 2010/2011 will launch for real at the Geneva Motor Show in a couple of months but ahead of that Volvo has decided to send out a video of the S60.

But car makers like to show they’re on the pulse of ‘New Media’ these days, so instead of sending the video to those who’d report on it – like us – they sneaked it out on ‘FaceSpace’.

But never mind. That’s what Google Alerts and all the other web tricks are for.

By Cars UK