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Volvo XC90 gets a facelift for 2012 – just

Thu, 08 Sep 2011 00:00:00 -0700

2012 Volvo XC90 Facelift - very minor tweaks

The Volvo XC90 has been with us for the best part of a decade without any major changes, thanks mainly to Ford pulling the plug on a new XC90 a few years ago.

But the outlook is much brighter since the Chinese took the reins at Volvo and we’re certain there’s a new XC90 ready to surface in 2012. But for now Volvo has decided to give the current XC90 a bit of a tweak to take it through to the launch of an all new model.

But don’t get too excited – the changes are relatively minor and mainly modest cosmetic tweaks.

A set of silver roof rails become standard fare across the range and there’s a matching bumper bar and reprofiled, body-colour lower door mouldings.

There’s been a slight change in the running lights at the front and tail lights at the back together with a new matt finish for the alloys. All in all you’ll need to be an anorak to spot the changes.

Inside the XC90 the changes are just as modest, with white back lighting on the watch dial-inspired instruments, a leather grab handle in the boot (now you realise how small the changes are if a leather grab handle in the boot warrants a mention), a redesigned load cover (there we go again) and aluminium trim becomes the norm. Which is good – it saves buyers from their own tastes.

There are extra changes to the XC90 R-Design too with redesigned upholstery, inlays, door panels an Ixion 19″ alloys. There is also the option of soft leather seats with ventilation and massage.

Biggest news on the gizmo front is an XC90 App for your Smartphone, which offers a Car Locator so you can find your way back when you’ve left your XC90 in an unfamiliar place (or just forgotten where you left it – or is that just me?), a Dashboard Display which will show you stuff like fuel level and average consumption and a Car Check which reports the state of bulbs brake fluid, coolant, oil and oil pressure.

Also in the mix is the Volvo On Call system combined with Bluetooth mobile connection which can stream music from any Bluetooth source.

The new gizmos are fun and the tweaks are decent enough. And despite the age of the XC90 it’s still a hugely appealing and able SUV.

But it is time for an all-new XC90.

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