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Vygor Opera: An ugly Crossover from Italy

Tue, 11 Oct 2011 00:00:00 -0700

Vygor Opera

We all know Italy has problems at the moment, as it seems Silvio Berlusconi has maxed out the State Credit Cards. But the problems are much bigger than we thought if the newly revealed Vygor Opera is anything to go by.

Italy has always had style, and a stroll through Milan could make you think Italy is one big fashion house, as impossibly stylish Italians promenade their stuff. True, it’s a style that doesn’t really translate too well when adopted by Northern Europeans, but there’s no arguing it works for the Italians.

And when it comes to cars, Italy is perhaps the only country that builds cars with soul – apart from Britain. From the stunning and stylish supercars of Maranello to the cute and sexy 500, Italy has always been able to deliver cars that stir the soul as well as the senses. But even that’s gone wrong in these troubled times for Italy.

The Vygor Opera is a cross between a BMW 5 Series GT, a Subaru and an X6, but with a dose of ugly pills thrown in to the mix.

The Opera rides high but has just two doors. It’s said to offer engines of 300-400bhp, has a tubular frame with composite and aluminium bodywork, double wishbones and alloys ranging from 18″ to 22″ and weighs in at around 1500kg.

And is perhaps the ugliest thing to come out of Italy since Fascism.

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Source: OmniAuto

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