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Bosch 5.7 Abs Module Repair Service on


Taunton, Massachusetts, United States

Taunton, Massachusetts, United States
This is a SERVICE for sale. You will send BBA your part to be fixed.
Manufacturer Part Number:Bosch

Bosch 5.7 ABS Module 

This is a SERVICE to repair a part YOU ship to us here at BBA Reman.

Common Symptoms of a Faulty Unit: Bosch 5.7 ABS units can commonly fail causing the ABS and other lights to illuminate. In some cases the speedometer can stop working. The faults as read by a diagnostic scanner are usually wheel speed sensor faults and sometimes CAN bus communication faults, or no communication.

Common Part Numbers:

0 265 900 001  
0 265 900 002 
0 265 950 001 
0 265 950 002 
0 265 950 012 
0 265 950 065
And Many more. The part number is on the bottom right corner of the white sticker on the control module.

Common Vehicles: 

1998-2004 BMW 5 and 7 Series, X5
1998-2004 Audi A4 and A6
and many more.

How does the a "Repair Service" work?  After BBA Reman receives your payment information, we will email you a shipping label to your email address. We only ship within the USA. You print that label and package up your part then ship it to us. We are closed on weekends, but otherwise the shipping label will be emailed to you within 24 hours. 

How long will it take?  Repairs take 2-4 business days once we get the part here and then add shipping time back and forth to your location. 

How do I package the unit? As these units contain delicate electronics and can be damaged in shipping, we recommend that you use a large box (so that there are about 3 inches of extra space on each side), wrap the unit in a layer of bubble wrap and fill in the extra spaces with packing peanuts.

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Lifetime Warranty

The BBA Limited Lifetime Warranty covers the repair of your unit back to its original operating condition for any problems resulting from manufacturing or workmanship defects. All internal components and labor performed by BBA are fully covered. It is valid as long as you own the vehicle and is non-transferable. Shipping, removal, diagnostic, coding, programming, software download, and/or mechanic charges are not covered by the warranty. If BBA determines the part is beyond repair, we will either provide a replacement unit, or refund the entire purchase price, at our discretion. Factors that could void the warranty include, but are not limited to: water damage, fire damage, over voltage damage, part being damaged as a result of another defective part in the vehicle, damage caused by jump starting the vehicle, improper use, use in an application for which the part was not intended, or untimely return of core unit (if applicable).

Not all parts can be fixed. If your part is not repairable, we will refund your payment and ship it back to you. If you send in an item that does not match the one in the description, we will again refund your payment and ship it back to you. For more information, call us: 1-866-573-2740

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