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C5ae H Ford 427 Cross Bolt Main Engine Block. Dated 6 C 11, March 11 1966 on

US $1,299.99

Vancouver, Washington, US

Vancouver, Washington, US
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REDUCED $2000.00 !!!This no reserve action is for a original 427 ford cross bolt main block. It is cast # C5AE H dated 6 C 11 which is march 11 1966. The good is it has been tumbled and cleaned and maged and has no cracks and it comes with its original main caps with bolts and side bolts with the thick washers but has no spacers but there are kits on eBay for $50.00. The bad is it is .030 over currently and the bores look good except one has pitting holes that go all the way threw. You could possibly sonic test it and sleeve just one but i am suggesting sleeve all 8 holes that is why it is priced like it is. There is also some rust rot on the top deck front water jacket that would need welded or use the step sleeves and the head gasket will seal on it. I don't find perfect blocks and if i did they would be in the $4000.00- $5000.00 range if i did. I was told if i used regular sleeves my machinist would install them and deck the head surfaces for $930.00. This was cast as a side oiler but never drilled and some of the area that you would need to drill it has been milled off at the motor mount area. It doesn't have a pressure relife valve or spring. I sold my last 427 block on ebay that had cracks  on deck corner and # 4 main oil hole and was .040 over for $1525.00. I have painted the outside with simi gloss engine paint and wd40 the rest for storage. Fairlane galaxie cobra thunderbolt cyclone cougar comet marauder Monterey Shelby gt 500 mustang Gt kit car rat rod Gasser Torino, will fit 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971. Do your home work Call before bidding with questions. If you think this is a NOS part don't bid on it.This is as is where is .                                                          This item is for sale locally and i truly understand you waiting for the last second to bid and i will not end any action once a bid is on it. But i just got an email on a front bumper that sold locally before this guy chose to bid. I do Craig list and end any add on there once there is a bid on here asap.                                                                                                                                                                       I only ship with insurance and conformation and tracking to the lower 48 states address, no post office boxes.  I would prefer taking this to ups and them being responsible for bubble rap ect and boxing it correctly so as it gets to you in as nice of condition as it is now. Prefer free pickup work even better.But i will put it in a pallet and strap it down and rap in celifane for $100.00 if prearranged before bidding.  Call 360-921-0446      This is a no return item.                            If you plan on waiting any more than 1-3 days to pay then don't bid. I am not a bank and this is like safe way when you buy something you pay for it. If not paid by 5 days i will leave you bad feed back and put you on my no bidders list. I have recently had a few non payers and this doesn't give the guy that really wanted to buy and pay in a timely manor the chance to buy the very rare parts i sell. Also understand that shipping is with conformation and insurance and tracking and a percentage that eBay and pay pal charge me on shipping that i don't get to keep is also included in the cost of shipping.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  SHIPPING!!!!! If you or your mom owns a shipping company or have a account you are welcome to send me a shipping slip and make arrangements to have it picked up at my house. I will not box it and you shipper will be responsible for that also. I will not take payment threw pay pal for fear that it will get there damaged!When you go to the post office to send the shipping slip you can get a check for me there.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The normal shipping cost include care and time and material to prevent that. If you don't want to pay for that i am good with that and always welcome free local pick up.  Shipping is always an issue but i don't control what they charge me or do i do enough business for them to let me have an account. If you can negotiate a lower price with them then do so.It seams to me that buyer that question my shipping cost first never leave there zip code and in more cases it is more than what i am offering! Keep in mind if indeed it is more that will be the amount you will pay.

























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