8 pieces (4 sets) of Low Profile 3M Dual Lock for Toll Transponders

SUPER FAST SHIPPING - Typically ready for carrier within 24 hours!

This auction is for eight (8) pieces each measuring 5/8" X 2" to mount your IPASS, EZ PASS, etc highway toll transponder. They are genuine 3M products, not cheap alternative products that crack or fall off after a short time in your sun-baked car. Trusted by the Illinois Department of Transportation, and millions of satisfied customers! Accept no substitutes for 3M quality!

Use them to mount your toll transponder, or for one of the thousands of other household uses.

We pride ourselves in customer service and super fast shipping. We typically have items packed and ready for shipment within a couple hours and picked up by USPS within 24 hours. We understand nobody likes to wait days on end for their ebay items, so we streamlined our process to get you items to you as fast as possible. Take a look at our excellent feedback record as well and bid with confidence - you will not be disappointed!

If you would like to buy additional sets of 8 fasteners at the same price, you can purchase this set and send us a message with how many you would like to buy BEFORE sending payment. We will send you an invoice you with an adjusted total based on the number of additional fasteners you would like.
You will also receive a discounted shipping rate of $0.75 for each additional set of 8 fasteners.

Buyer's part # SJ4570


Abrasive Backing Type VHB
Fastener Type Reclosable
Quantity 8
Length 2 inch
Width 5/8 Inch
Engaged Thickness 0.107" (2.7mm) ± 15%
Type Low Profile
Color Clear
Trademark name 3M Dual Lock
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