Brand New Certified ANSI CE Professional Multifunction Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet+Grinding with Eagle surface

Eagle pattern Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

This is the all new ProLine welding helmet, solar powered and gets its power from the welding arc, so it turns on automatically. They have the carbon fiber look. These helmets are made for Arc or Stick, MIG welding, Tig welding including a plasma cutting setting(grinding mode).

Shade Adjustment
Features a shade adjustment for light or dark settings. This feature allows you to set the helmet to a lighter shade when welding thin material and a darker shade for welding heavier material.

Sensitivity Adjustment
The sensitivity adjustment adjusts for ambient lighting and the arc brightness. This will compensate when you walk outside in the bright sun light or while Tig welding.

Adjustable Shade Delay
This is how long the helmet takes to from the light state to the dark state. This setting comes in handy when welding heavy material and compensates for the bright molten metal left over after your done welding.

Plasma Cutting
Allows you to use the helmet locked in the light state (shade 4), which gives you full UV and IR protection . Plasma cutting has a limited arc, but still requires protection. This setting lets you see what you are cutting while providing maximum protection.

Oxygen Acetylene Torch Cutting
This setting is perfect for torch cutting with an oxygen acetylene torch. Offers full face protection while cutting.

Grinding Setting mode
 This setting you to see what you are grinding while allowing full face protection.

Fully Adjustable Head Gear
features fully adjustable ratcheting headgear. Also includes a very comfortable sweat band. The head gear allows you to position the helmet further or closer away from your face. This feature is only found on $400 welding helmets.

Super Light Weight
helmet is extremely light-weight to prevent user fatigue. 

Eagle Look
finished in a very cool Eagle look. There no other welding helmets on the market with this new Eagle  finish.


  • Viewing Area: 3 3/8" x 1 5/8"
  • Solar powered auto-darkening filter helmet
  • Auto switching time: light to dark is 1/30,000 Seconds
  • Darkness shade control (DIN) from 9-13, Clear shade 4
  • in full conformity with CE and ANSI Z87 standards
  • Charges with exposure to welding or sunlight
  • Operation Temperature: -5 degrees C ~ 55 degrees C
  • Full face coverage, Full range UV/IR protection up to shade DIN 16 all time

 Function features:
  •  sensitivity knob for you to control easily
  • "Grinding" can be selective by switch
  • time delay switch for you to control switching time from darkness to light
  • outside darkness shade level knob

This Helmet is ANSI and CE Certificated welding helmet (They are not like other sellers' similar products without ANSI or CE Certificated Helmet).  Please check the Attached Certificate for this high risk product and use them with confidence.