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We understand that the process of shipping something as valuable as your vehicle can be a daunting and stressful task .   Our mission at D.O.T (Deliver On Time) Auto Transport is to help make the vehicle shipping process as easy as possible. A‚  We utilize all of our resources to ensure that your car arrives safely and in a timely manner at your destination.
D.O.T (Deliver On Time) Auto Transport prides itself on its expertise in all areas of vehicle shipping. A‚  We make every effort to stay current with the technology necessary to move any mode of transportation. Our experience includes transport of everything from medium to heavy-duty vehicles in all running conditions, as well as non-running vehicles, in both enclosed and open environments.
We offer the best rates in the business, as well as a free quote tool that's ready to help you calculate the expense of moving your vehicle. our top-notch Customer Service team is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns.  They will help you to plan the seamless, stress-free transport of your car, boat, RV or truck today!
Our track record speaks for itself. A‚  Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee guarantees your vehicle's on time, safe arrival. Our drivers are trained, licensed and screened to the highest standards. A‚  D.O.T (Deliver On Time) Auto Transport has an unprecedented reputation and track record in the transport of cars, RVs, motorcycles, trucks, buses, boats and more.



Step 1: Scheduling
Once your price quote has been confirmed and your contract has been completed and deposit made, your pickup will be scheduled with one of our vehicle shipping experts. At this point, you will have received an email with all of the information you will need regarding your vehicle transport.
Step 2: Inspection & Preparation
Your dedicated auto transport coordinator will now assist you in preparing your vehicle for transport. A‚  Your vehicle will be inspected for any pre-existing damage. A‚  It will then be loaded on its trailer and begin transport to its destination.
Step 3: Tracking Your Vehicle
Throughout your vehicle's trip, your highly screened and trained driver will keep your transport coordinator apprised of your vehicle's location. Once your vehicle is 2-4 hours from its destination, your driver will contact you to ensure that delivery is made on time.

Step 4: Inspection & Delivery
Once your vehicle has arrived safely at its destination, you will inspect it - please note that damage caused from vehicle transport is very rare with most auto shipping companies. A‚  At this time, you will note and sign the updated Bill of Lading, retaining a copy for yourself. A‚  Your remaining balance will be paid to your driver upon delivery, as agreed upon by the terms of your contract.