I purchased this new. installed the AOD auto in my hot rod went back to the 5 speed manual. Now this up for sale with less than 200 miles on it.

info from the TCI web site:

The new TCI® Constant Pressure Valve Body™ is now available for any stock or aftermarket 1980-93 Ford AOD transmission. 

This cutting edge new product eliminates the most common installation error made by pros and amateurs alike – improper TV cable adjustment. When the cable is left either unhooked or incorrectly adjusted, the internal clutches and bands slip, causing great internal friction and loss of transmission efficiency. 

The TCI® Ford AOD Constant Pressure Valve Body™ avoids all of those problems by ensuring proper line pressure, regardless of TV cable position, type of cable brackets or carburetion system. Until now, the TV cable adjustment on 1980-93 Ford AOD transmissions required a substantial amount of mechanical knowledge and ability. 

Installation of the newly designed TCI® Ford AOD Constant Pressure Valve Body™ allows proper operation while removing slippage, thus avoiding common transmission destruction. While the TV cable still needs connection for proper part-throttle transmission shift operation, the TCI® Ford AOD Constant Pressure Valve Body™ allows more freedom as line pressure is fixed so that there is no chance of a low line pressure condition and the resulting damage to your transmission.