Works perfect.. Only used for 6 months.. No longer have the box/manual or cables. 

The Tundra HD 1200 is one of the most sophisticated and reliable power inverters on the market today. Incorporating some of the latest technological developments, it will give years of trouble free operation for your truck, boat, R.V. or other.  The AC output of the HD 1200 is regulated to 120 volts and its waveform is called a "Modified Sine Wave."  It is a stepped waveform, suitable for most AC loads, designed to have characteristics similar to sine waves delivered by utility power. NOTE that Tundra's Modified Sine Wave is much more efficient than the "square wave" generated by other inverters on the market today.


1200 Watts

Super high efficiency

Heavy duty design

High battery protection (automatic shut-down set at 11VDC)

Contributes to reduce maintenance costs and downtime

Perfect for work trucks, coaches and agricultural equipment applications 

Sure engine start

Safe for batteries

Save on maintenance