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Classic Cars Anti Theft Collars on

US $25.00

Baytown, Texas, United States

Baytown, Texas, United States

A permanent Anti Theft Device STAYS ON THE VEHICLE ALL THE TIME

Comes with instructions packet.
Doesn't interfere with tilt steering or cruise
Goes around the steering or shifting column preventing it from being hotwired.

comes with non reversible screws
Installs quickly on all classic cars with a shift column of 6" or less
ONE PURCHASE EQUALS ONE #CA Column Shift Anti-Theft Deterrent Collar.

This is FOR ONE, BRAND NEW Hard-Steel, Anti-Theft deterrent collar designed to fit many GM, CHRYSLER, and JEEP vehicles with column mounted shift levers. IF YOU HAVE A FLOOR SHIFT, E-MAIL ME FOR A DIFFERENT LISTING. I HAVE PICTURED BOTH COLUMN AND FLOOR SHIFT COLLARS IN THIS LISTING. THE COLLAR FOR SALE IS THE ONE PICTURED ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE COLLAR PICTURE. It has an opening to accept the gearshift selector for those vehicles with a gearshift selector on the steering column. The collar is in a sealed protective, clear packaging. It is made from 16 gauge stainless steel that withstands forces up to 85,000 foot pounds per square inch before it tears, rips or shears. The collar is completely passive. Once installed, it never has to be removed, unlocked or stored. Instructions are included. Put it on one time and forget it, be sure you line up the one way screws in the bracket. Once the one way screws are installed they won't reverse. A thief will not take the time to try and get past these stainless hardened one way screws. The police in our city have bought these collars to show people when a car has been stolen and recovered. They recommend them to people who have experienced the crime of car theft. This collar does not interfere with tilt steering or cruise control. It is visible from the outside of the car and may deter the thief before he does damage. It is all American made and manufactured especially for many GM, Chrysler, and Jeep cars, trucks, and vans. If you are not sure if this collar will fit, E-mail me with your vehicle year, make and model.


I am providing a list of vehicles that this collar will fit.
Remember, this collar is for vehicles with the shifter ON THE COLUMN

BUICK Century 96 & earlier,
Electra ALL LeSabre 99 & earlier,
Park Avenue 96 & earlier ,
*Reatta ALL Regal 1987 & earlier,
Riviera 1994 & earlier,
Roadmaster ALL
Skyhawk 1989 & earlier,
Skylark 1990 & earlier,
Skylark GS 1991,
Biarritz ALL
Brougham ALL
Cimarron 1982 to 1988,
Concourse ALL
DeVille Series 99 & earlier,
Fleetwood 2000 & earlier,
Eldorado 99 & earlier (except 1988 thru 1991),
Seville 99 & earlier (except 1988 thru 1991),
Sixty Special 1993,


Acadian 1976 to 1987,
Astro Van 1995 & earlier,
*Beretta ALL except 1990,
*Camaro, IROC 2000 & earlier,
Caprice ALL Cavalier 1989 & earlier,
Celebrity 96 & earlier,
Chevette 1976 to 1987,
Citation 1980 to 1985,
*Corsica ALL except 1990,
*Corvette 1996, 1995, 1994, 1987 & earlier,
El Camino ALL,
Eurosport 1994, 1992 & earlier,
Impala 99 & earlier,
Lumina ALL,
Lumina Van 96 & earlier,
Malibu except 1997,
Monte Carlo 99 & earlier except 1995-1996,
Van, Full size 96 & earlier,
CHEVROLET Blazer, Full size 1994 & earlier,
Blazer S-10 1994 & earlier,
Suburban 1994 & earlier,
1500 P/U 1994 & earlier,
2500 P/U 1994 & earlier,
3500 P/U 1994 & earlier,


New Yorker 1989 & earlier,
LeBaron 1989 & earlier,
Van 1990 & earlier,
DODGE Caravan 1990 & earlier,
Daytona 1990 & earlier,
Dynasty 1989 & earlier,
Ram Van, 1990 & earlier,
Ram Truck 1990 & earlier
Shadow 1989 & earlier
Dakota Truck 1989 & earlier
GMC Jimmy 1994 & earlier,
1500 P/U 1994 & earlier,
2500 P/U 1994 & earlier,
3500 P/U 1994 & earlier,
Suburban 1994 & earlier,
Safari Van 1995 & earlier,
Yukon 1994 & earlier,
Cyclone ALL,
Typhoon ALL,
Van, Full size 96 & earlier,


Bravada 96 & earlier,
Cutlass Supreme 1987 & earlier,
Custom Cruiser ALL,
Cutlass Cruiser ALL,
Cutlass Calais ALL(Floor Shift),
Cutlass Ciera 1995 & earlier,
Cutlass Ciera (w/air bags),
1993 Firenza 1982 to 1987,
88 Series & LSS ALL,
98 Series ALL,
Silhouette Can 96 & earlier,
*Toronado ALL,
PLYMOUTH Reliant 1989 & earlier,
Sundance 1989 & earlier,
Voyager Van 1990 & earlier,
PONTIAC Grand Prix 1987 & earlier,
Bonneville 99 & earlier,
Fiero 1984 to 1988,
*Firebird 2000 & earlier except 1990-1992,
Grand Am 1991 & earlier,
Phoenix 1978 to 1984,
*Trans Am 2000 & earlier except 1990 thru 1992,
Sunbird ALL,
1000 1981 to 1987,
6000 ALL,
Sonoma 1994 & earlier ,
Transport 96 & earlier,
JEEP Cherokee Chief ALL (Not Grand) +Comanche 1991 Wagoneer,
ALL Wrangler 1993 & earlier *Lower dash panel must be dropped. +Must notch collar to fit.

Protect your investment.

Takes paypal - will ship on payment add $5.00 for shipping.
text 832-221-2226 for information.

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