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Dino 103 Soft Wheel Black Plastic Brushed Aluminum Center Plate on


Saint Augustine, Florida, United States

Saint Augustine, Florida, United States
Dino 103 Soft Wheel Black Plastic Brushed Aluminum Center Plate, image 1
Warehouse Stored.
Brand:Dino Manufacturer Part Number:13.5"

Dino 103 Soft Wheel Black Plastic Brushed Aluminum Center Plate
13.5" Diameter

Warehouse Stored


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Electric cars can become electricity banks

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Ever try to store electricity? It won't stay in a bottle, and you can't keep it in your sock drawer. So when you have a lot of it--say, when it's windy and your wind turbines are really spinning, or when it's sunny and your gallium arsenide photovoltaics are lighting up, or at night when the utility's generators can run unhindered--you have to store it somewhere.

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In this year's Police Vehicle Evaluation conducted by the Michigan State Police at Grattan Raceway, a 2014 Dodge Charger Pursuit AWD has just set the fastest lap time ever recorded for an all-wheel-drive test sedan. The AWD Dodge Charger Pursuit set a time of 1:33.85, which was just a fraction of a second slower than the rear wheel-drive version of the car which set the previous benchmark at 1:33.70 back in 2012. The HEMI-powered sedan pairs a 370 hp V8 engine with an all-wheel-drive system, which uses a transfer case with front-axle-disconnect, which allows the Dodge Charger Pursuit to automatically go from RWD to AWD when conditions require it.

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