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Garmin Gps Dashboard Bean Bag Portable Friction Mount Car Dash Holder Stand New on

US $62.50

Cumming, Georgia, United States

Cumming, Georgia, United States
Condition:New Brand:Garmin Features:Four-arm shape, Easy attachment, Ball Mount, Does Not Slide Manufacturer Part Number:B000LRMS66-Parent What's included:Dashboard mount, arm attachment, & owner's manual Warranty:Yes Compatible Models (see description):Nuvei, StreetPilot, SafeNavTM Country/Region of Manufacture:United States Other Features:No Residue, Adjust GPS Position Easily, Does not detach Product Description:GPS Dashboard Mount Portable Friction Car Holder UPC:753759067304

Garmin GPS Dashboard Bean Bag Portable Friction Mount Car Dash Holder Stand Four-Arm Shape

Product Description & Features:

Keep your Nüvi in place with this portable friction mount. The arm attachment connects directly to your GPS device, and once you've adjusted it to your liking, locks into place. Avoid the "wing around the windshield" syndrome that accompanies windshield mounts. Perfect for locales where window-mounting is prohibited or those who simply prefer a quick way to mount/unmounts their Nüvi/StreetPilot devicePlace the mount on any stable surface, and adjust the position of your GPS to your liking. In addition to its convenience, you can quickly place your GPS out of sight, and without leaving any residue on the windshield, both handy for any potential prying eyes.

- Vehicle dash mount for use on any stable surface
- Securely holds your GPS in vehicle
- Does not slide or detach while vehicle is in motion
- Adjustable to position GPS in a variety of angles
- Four-arm shape conforms to your dashboard
- Garmin ball mount
- Easily attaches to your existing cradle
- Compatible with Nüvi series GPS navigators and StreetPilot C5XX series
- One-year limited warranty

Compatibility Model: 

010-10908-00 Compatible Garmin Models aera 500, 510, 550, 560 dezl 560LMT, 560LT, 760LMT nuLink! 1690 live and 1695 Live nüvi 1100, 1100LM, 1200, 1250, 1260T, 1300, 1300LM, 1350, 1350LMT, 1350T, 1370T, 1390LMT, 1390T, 1450, 1450LM, 1450LMT, 1450T, 1490LMT, 1490T, 1690, 200, 200W, 205, 205W, 250, 250W, 255, 255W, 260, 260W, 265T, 265WT, 270, 275T, 285WT, 350, 360, 370, 465T, 500, 5000, 550, 600, 610, 650, 660, 670, 680, 750, 755T, 760, 765T, 770, 775T, 780, 785T, 850, 855, 880, 885T, 2250, 2250LT, 2300, 2300LM, 2350, 2350LMT, 2350LT, 2360LMT, 2360LT, 2370LT, 2450, 2450LMT, 2455LT, 2455LMT, 2460LMT, 2460LT, 2475LT, 2495LMT, 2497LMT, 250, 250W, 255, 2555LM, 2555LMT, 2555LT, 2557LMT, 255W, 2577LT, 2595LMT, 2597LMT, 260, 260W, 265T, 265WT, 270, 2757LM, 275T, 2797LMT, 295W, 30, 3450, 3450LM, 3490LMT, 350, 3550LM, 3590LMT, 3597LMTHD, 360, 370, 3750, 3760LMT, 3760T, 3790T, 40, 40LM, 42, 42LM, 44, 44LM, 465LMT, 50, 500, 5000, 50LM, 52, 52LM, 54, 54LM, 550, 600, 610, 650, 660, 670, 680, 750, 755T, 760, 765T, 770, 775T 780, 785T, 850, 855, 880, 885T, nüvifoneTM G60, RV 760LMT, SafeNavTM Powered by Garmin StreetPilot c510, c530, c550, c580, i2, i3, i5 zūmo 660

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