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Gsxr600 Gsxr 600 Wheelie Stunt Sprocket Set Front Rear on

US $79.99

Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania, United States

Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania, United States
Condition:New Manufacturer Part Number:17-GSXR Type:Sprocket Set Brand:Thrust Company Country/Region of Manufacture:United States

brings you this auction for

Thrust Company Sprockets / Thrust Company Riders - The Star Boyz

You are bidding on a brand NEW  Stage I  Wheelie Sprocket Kit. 

This auction covers kits for the Suzuki GSXR 600 (97-00)(01-05)(06+)

 GSXR600 GSXR 600 GSX600R GSXR-600 GSX-600R GSX-600 R GSX600 R GSX600-R   

(Please check my other auctions or email about other makes and models)  (Please note that the set of sprockets pictured is only an example of many many different combinations for many different applications.  So, yes, yours will look like the ones pictures but they probably will not have the same number of teeth, and the bolt pattern may be different, as yours will match your specific bike.  If this is unclear to you in any way, please email me.)

VERY IMPORTANT - Upon checkout you must let me know what year and model you have.  Because the kis are different for the different models, I can't ship the parts until I have this info.

These sprocket sets are designed to give you the maximum acceleration and increased thrust WHILE NOTsacrificing top speed AND allowing you to retain your stock chain!  And, you don't even have to break the chain or remove it to install this sprocket kit.  (I'll be happy to provide the winner of this auction step by step instruction with some handy tips on how to accomplish this.  Just let me know you want them upon checkout.)

This kit (known as a Stage I) lowers your final drive ratio about 10% through the sprocket sizes.  So, that means you will increase your rpm's by about 10%, reach your shift points much faster, accelerate much harder, and reach your top speed much quicker.   Because the Stage I doesn't increase your rpm's so much that you will reach the revlimiter in top gear, your top speed won't be effected.  And, in fact, on some bikes that are geared on the high side from the factory, OR when the rider weights 190+, the kit can actually increase your terminal velocity by allowing your engine to rev higher in top gear, creating more hp, and help overcome the natural rolling and wind resistances.  If you have any questions on any of this- let me know.


The Stage I will generally let you pull wheelies one gear higher than you can with stock gearing.  But, in lower gears it will let you bring the front up several thousand rpm lower, and at much slower speeds.  This all helps build confidence as well because your not having to travel as fast or pull back on the bars as hard. The other reason this ratio works so good is that it just slightly shortens your wheelbase.

The sprockets are by Thrust Company.   

They are machined by expert sprocket machinists who have been making sprockets for the largest sprocket companies , OEM's, and government agencies for over 40 years.  

All fronts are made of case hardened steel for optimum durability.  And unlike some others, they are machined  vs. cast because of the higher resulting accuracy of the tooth cut and concentricity.  And, most will also be drilled for weight savings and added performance. 

The rears are made of 7075 aerospace grade aluminum and are heat treated to a T6 hardness- the best you can put on your bike.  They are machined to exact specs with tolerances much more stringent than other aluminum sprocket manufacturers and many times tighter than OE sprockets.  What this means is your chain will fit the sprocket better and everything will last longer.  Additionally, they are chemically etched or hard anodized (depending on the bike kit) to give a uniform, even, corrosion resistant finish.

All parts have also been race tested and proven and are used by racers across the country.  Everything is warranted against fit and any possible manufacturing defect.

 An added bonus of the kit is that the lighter sprocket(s) create less rotating mass.  This, like lighter rotors, wheels, etc. will slightly improve the braking and handling of the bike whiles substantialy increasing acceleration and thrust.  Because of being combined with a shorter gear ratio combo it will give you a lot more pulling power for a quicker launch, effortless wheelies, and better Holeshots.  And the most useful benefit that everyone will appreciate is faster roll-ons in every gear, at every speed.

If you've ever wondered how the professional stunt riders got started and make their wheelies look so easy- this should give you a little clue!  ;-)  


If your a wheelie freak and aren't concerned with loosing a little top speed, say 5-10%, and want even more acceleration, then I may be able to provide you with a Stage II Wheelie kit.  This is available for most bikes for the same auction price as the Stage I.  Please email me first to confirm this if your interested.  


Thrust Company Rider - Joe 'Vertical' Dryden

(( Or if your already doing some stunts and have mastered the wheelie, but are interested in perfecting slow 12's, No Handers, Highchairs, or Circle Wheelies, etc., I can hook you up through another auction with a STREET STUNT or PRO STUNT sprocket and chain combo.  Providing these types of kits is how we got started in this segment of the performance bike business.  A STREET STUNT setup will aide in learning most of these stunt but still give you enough speed to let you ride the bike on the street.  However, it will not be ieal for everyday highway use.  A PRO STUNT  kit is what professional stunt riders use.  This type of setup is typically used on bike getting trailered to events, and is not ideal for maintaining a very street/highway bike, and reduces the average bikes max top speed in the range of 80-100mph.  Both of these kits require the use a longer chain which is why they come in a complete kit form. ))

  To check out some of the stunts mentioned, see our proudly sponsored professional stunt riders/ teams   Star Boyz     Patrick Stephens      Tony D.      Joe Brown        Crazy Dan Jackson- Team XMX        d-Aces      Alex'Stunts' Flores     Gixxie(2-Xtreem)    Psychogang     New Hampshire Rough Riders    East Coast Stunters   Chris 'Teach' McNeil    Ronnie Giovelli-Reality Racing     Vertical Mischeif Crew     Kyle Woods-Triple Xtreme     Matt Gorka-Triple Xtreme      Terre Haters      It Takes 2 Freestyle     Geared-Up     Road Jesters     StuntinFoolz     Team Chicago    3 River Riders     Steel City Tandem Stunt Team     Road Hazards     I.B.W.S.     DV8 Underground     Barely Legal     Wheelie Unit    Jerry "learntowheelie" Jones     Hocus Pocus Crew     and others. 


duc 848 rear

This is by far the easiest, least expensive, no-hassle way to increase the raw Thrust of your bike.  It takes only basic tools, a couple of hours (if that) and you have a new hot rod. 

Here's are just a few of the letters I've received from customers of my wheelis kits : “I just wanted to thank you for getting me that sprocket set so fast.  I installed them right away last night and rode all morning. It's F’in amazing!  It feels like a completely different bike. If you have a catalog I'd like one.  Thanks again.   Brian T.”

" The sprocket set you sent was amazing.  It pulls hard in every gear, especially fourth and fifth.  First gear is almost scarry, and I was supprised to see that the bike will still go well over 150mph.  Thanks again.  Josh"

Finally!  I have everything installed.  I can't thank you enough for all of the help along the way.  It feels like a different bike. I never thought that my bike could accelerate like it does now.  I will recommend moto-heaven to all of my friends.     Thanks, Shane

That sprocket combination you put together for my R1 was the ticket!!!  It really woke up the beast in it.  That’s how it should come from the factory. I had them sprockets on and ready to roll 1.5 hours from the time they showed up at my door. Headed for the freeway on ramp rolled into 3rd gear right at about 7000rpm, I backed off the throttle about a quarter turn, and then nailed it!!!  That R1 stood straight up like never before.  I’m a 110% happy with this purchase!!   And added pulling power you get for under a hundred bucks- it just don't get better than that.                                          Thanks!!    Jim. T 


*Note*FYI* To adapt this kit and get good life out of it, your chain should be in very good condition.  I have had guys get 20k+ miles out of our rear sprocket when the drive system is well maintained.  However, if your chain isn't in good condition, don't expect this kind of mileage.  And, if it is too far stretched, it might not fit our sprockets because of their accuracy.  Sprockets don't wear themselves out - WORN OUT and/or STRETCHED chains do!

For all riders, regardless of whether your interested in this auction-  To avoid an accident and/or damage to your motor, or worse, you should regularly maintain and inspect your drive components.  Its often an overlooked and neglected part of a bike.    To check the condition of your chain, first adjust the tension properly.  With the bike held straight up and down you should have about 3 times the height of the chain top to bottom, measured below the swingarm.  (This is particualrly important if you are doing wheelies or carry a passenger because if you don't have enough slack in your chain it will be seriously stretched when your suspension fully compresses.  And NO chain is designed to withstand this stress.)  Also check the wear by pulling on the chain on the very backside of the sprocket.  If you can pull the chain away from the sprocket more than 1/16"(2mm) then you should consider replacing everything.   Also, raise your rear wheel off the ground, spin the wheel and listen for excessive noise, check for kinks, and check for loose or tight spots in the tension at multiple places around the chain.  Also inspect your sprocket(s) for excessive wear or damaged teeth.  If you find ANY of the above - REPLACE the chain.  If you don't replace it soon- you can expect to have more serious issues to deal with in the near future.

 If you do need a chain, check out my other auctions.  Please note though I only sell high quality chains- mostly X-ring or better. The bikes covered in this auction are a 525 pitch.  So the sprockets are 525 and you will need a 525 chain.  You also need to make sure you get a chain rated for the size of your bike.  Not just any 525 chain is good enough to be safe and reliable.  Any chain purchased at the same time will be shipped with the sprockets and the shipping charges on the chain auction will be waived.

If you have any unanswered questions regarding this kit or any other, please email me. I don't mind any question you might think dumb, and I return every email as promptly as I can.  Or you can also call our TECH LINE 814-489-3379. (If I don't get back to you the same day you email me on a weekend day, I am probably at the track. If the auction is ending during that weekend, and you need to get in touch with me urgently, feel free to try me via my cell at 484-951-3128.  And if you email me and don't hear back from me within 24 hours, there may be something wrong with one of our emails - so in this case- call me.)


SHIPPING -  I have set up the auction to calculate USPS Priority.  This gets to most places much faster than UPS for pennies more.  I use Delivery Confirmation on all packages to protect myself.   Please condsider insurance as it is to protect yourself in case the post office would lose or damage or item(s).   


·If you’re interested in this part, please check out my other auctions.  I will combine shipping.  For instance, only charge shipping on the sprockets if you also need  a chain.

-We are a registered and licensed reseller of aftermarket and OEM parts, so if you need anything to go with this kit, or otherwise need for your bike, please check my other auctions.

Please review our feedback and bid with confidence.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

I personally guarantee that you will be happy with the quality, finish, look, and fit of our sprockets.  If you aren't then send them back (unused of course) and I'll refund your purchase price and return shipping expense.

 Still wondering why to buy from us?  Because this is what we do - day-in and day-out.  If you have a question, before or after the sale, we can help you out with the answer- and give you the reasons behind every recomendation.   We know what we're selling- inside and out.

  If you have a question or problem we're going to be here to help you out with it.  You only need to check our feedback to confirm we work hard to get you the right parts(and the right parts for YOU), the first time, and in a timely manner.  I stand by behind everything I sell.  I can't promise you that there will never be a mistake.  What I will promise you is that if there is, I will personally do everything possible to rectify the issue.  We're not a fly-by-night operation that is going to stick you with something that ends up being wrong or isn't right.   And everything I sell is guaranteed to your satisfaction or you can return it for your credit or refund.

Simply put - NO ONE beats our product and the service on the products we offer.  Be aware of copy-cats trying to offer similar products with someone else's name.  If it sounds like a sales pitch, a rewrite of someone else's information, and some BS- then it probably is. 

And I won't let anyone beat our prices either.  We are the originators of the Wheelie and Stunt Sprocket kits.  We are the manufacturer of these kits and can therefore offer you the best prices and most direct shipping.  If you see a better price, let me know about it and we'll adjust our price.  No one beats us - Period! 

Upon checkout you can help speed the shipping time by letting me know your bike model and year, as this auction covers several models with different part numbers.  I can't put your parts together until I have this info.


Thanks for looking and for your business,  moto-heaven.

AMA Topeka 2009AMA Barber 2009 MotoGT1 Podium / Thrust Company Owner - Phil Caudill - rider for 2009 AMA MotoGT Champions - Crozier Motorsports

Legally, I must say that I cannot recommend or condone the use of any parts I sell for use in any illegal riding or behavior.  That any stunts referenced are performed by professionals on closed courses under supervision of safety personnel and should not be attempted or recreated by you under any other conditions but the same.  And in doing so you solely assume all responsibility for damage or destruction to yourself, your property, or the property of others.  By bidding on or purchasing any parts from me you agree to these terms and statements.

About Auction Feedback- I love to give positive feedback.  And if you follow the auction rules you will receive it.  However, because of the volume, I don't get a chance to go in and update feedback for those who have paid all that often.  So, if you'd like feedback quickly, then leave me feedback as soon as you get your items and I will see this on my main eBay screen and respond with feedback immediately.  I have not received negative feedback from anyone who has contacted me about an issue or problem and/or given me a chance to resolve it.  In fact even when I've sent out the correct parts but given incorrect info, I've done a swap or credit for the right parts for them.  I see a problem as an opportunity to really provide great service and gain a lifetime customer- not that I want an issues to come up. 

Attention AOL users - Due to the high volume of questions we answer from AOL subscribers, we are occasionally put on their Blacklist because their servers think we sending SPAM.  This is not true and we do not send any unsolicited emails.  Nevertheless, if you don't get a response from us in regards to a question or order within 24 hours please call us.  Our Tech Line is 814-489-3379, our Toll Free is 1-877-416-0969, and cell is 484-951-3128.

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