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Hp Tuners 6022 Vcm Suite Mpvi Pro For Ford Efi Vehicles And 8 Tuning Credits on

US $647.00

Wichita, Kansas, United States

Wichita, Kansas, United States
Condition:New Manufacturer Part Number:6022 UPC:Does Not Apply Brand:HP Tuner

HP Tuners 6022 VCM Suite MPVI Pro for FORD EFI Vehicles and 8 Tuning Credits
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Product Description

The VCM Editor utility is a comprehensive VCM/PCM programmer and parameter editor.
VCM Editors Flash utility allows the user to read the VCM/PCM flash memory and save it to a binary file. The Flash utility allows a valid calibration to be written to the VCM/PCM and also incorporates an automatic VCM/PCM recovery capabilities for ultimate protection against any reflashing problems that may be encountered.

The VCM Editor also allows modification of the saved binary image. The VCM Editor allows all parameters such as Spark, Fuel, RPM Limits, FAN Temps, Transmission Shift points and pressures, Speedometer settings and many, many more. The editor provides an easy to use graphical interface and many powerful table manipulation capabilities such as copying, scaling and shifting to name a few.

So you're probably thinking, what else could there be for a professional tuner? Well, read on...

The VCM Suite has certain features that a professional tuner may find more useful. It includes some of the following extra capabilities.

VCM Editors Flash utility allows not just calibration reflashing and automated recovery, but entire VCM/PCM image reflashing. This means that you are free to make any operating system or calibration level modifications and flash those to the VCM/PCM. This has many uses for the advanced enthusiast, serious tuner or engine swap shop, allowing complete control over the VCM/PCM software environment.

The VCM Editor also allows for increased vehicle support for tuners, and also access to extra VCM/PCM operating system code modifcations. Tuners also have the option to modify VIN's, a useful feature for mail order VCM's.

Security. Protect your tunes with Tunerlock. Only you have the ability to read and write to VCM/PCM's that you have Tunerlocked. Prevent unwanted access to your hard work.

The VCM Scanner utility is a fully featured OBDII scanning and diagnostic tool.
It allows viewing, charting and logging of diagnostic data in real time via the vehicle OBDII diagnostic data port. It also allows viewing of vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's) and other vehicle information. Built in VCM controls also supported. Command fans, closed loop, gear select, timing, air fuel ratio and more real time! No editor package can be considered complete without comprehensive scan tool capabilities.

VCM Suite is the complete package.
These components combine to make VCM Suite the most feature rich, powerful and comprehensive VCM/PCM reprogramming and diagnostics package available on the market today. In addition, our attractive make/model/year based licensing structure makes VCM Suite a clear leader in value for money.

VCM Suite is the ultimate tuning tool designed for your serious tuner and tuner shop.

General - Supported Vehicles

General - Licensing
? Flexible credit based system (Credit FAQ)
? Single Vehicle licenses
? Year/Model licenses
? Vehicle Group licenses
? Easy upgrade path from Single Vehicle to Year/Model licenses
? Easy upgrade path from Year/Model licenses to Vehicle Group licenses
? Free unlimited software upgrades for life

General - Licensing Samples
With your VCM Suite order, you'll receive 8 GM credits. If 8 are not enough, you can purchase more at any time. With 8 credits though, you can unlock licenses like the following:
? 4 LS1/LS2 Single Vehicles
? 1 LS1 Year/Model and 1 2 Bar VCM Enhancement
? 3 LS1 Single Vehicles and 1 1 Bar VCM Enhancements
? 1 LS1 Single Vehicle and 1 2 Bar VCM Enhancement with 4 credits remaining!
? Many more configurations possible!
? (Licensing process example)

? MPVI Std for only $499
? MPVI Pro for only $649

VCM Editor
? Read most VCM/PCMs in 2 minutes
? Write most VCM/PCMs in 30 seconds.
? Automated VCM/PCM recovery protection.
? Seamless recovery after complete power down and communications break (exception for rewrite entire)
? Obtain the VCM/PCMs calibration information and ID numbers
? Calibration reflash
? Full reflash
? VIN block reflash (not supported on all vehicles)

? Explorer style navigation (Example)
? Tab style navigation (Example)
? Drop-down menu navigation
? Undockable explorer navigator window
? Customizable favorites list which allows you to jump to frequently changed parameters (Example)

? Hundreds of editable parameters

? Open many tables at once
? Save/Print/Load individual Tables
? Individually save tables/maps to txt format
? Table smoothing
? Table vertical and horizontal specific smoothing
? Table interpolating
? 2D Graph click and drag editing
? 3D Graph click and drag editing
? Simple +/- key cell adjustments
? 1 click copy/paste of tables

? Right click copy/paste/undo
? Right click unit adjustments

? Compare files with different OS ID's (Example)
? Tree style compare logs
? Easy to use color system when in compare mode

? Calibration Details section to list vehicle details
? Tree style Change log (Example)
? Tree style History log (Example)
? Change log and History log parameter hyperlinks

? PCM DTC List

? Custom operating systems (VCM Enhancements)
? 1 Bar Speed Density Enhanced (GM Gen3 V8 and GM 4.3 V6 only)
? 2 Bar Speed Density (GM Gen3 V8 and GM 4.3 V6 only)
? 2.5 Bar Speed Density (GM Gen4 V8 only)
? 3 Bar Speed Density (GM Gen3 V8 and GM 4.3 V6 only)

? Built in unit conversion
? Built in calculator

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