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Indian Motorcycle Harley Light Connectors Bobber Henderson Model A Scta Rat Rod on

US $20.00

Ferris, Texas, United States

Ferris, Texas, United States
Condition:Used Manufacturer Part Number:ELECTROLINE Other Part Number:headlight head light lamp MILITARY. Interchange Part Number:CJ3A, CJ3B jeepster jeep willys ala taillight naco Part Brand:HARLEY JD J INDIAN EXCELSIOR HENDERSON YALE POPE

For consideration is a very hard to find pair of old tail light wiring connectors.

These are also correct for some headlight socket wiring connection.

The ribbed end cover is not magnetic, it is nickel plated brass.

From the case pins where it holds in the tail light housing
  to the tip of the brass push pin connectors is 1/2 inch.

The pins and brass contact location are not staggered they are 90 degree from each other.

These have the same pin and contact arrangement as a 1158 straight pin 6v tail light bulb.

  (Technical name for straight across pins is "non-indexed") 

Also same pin location as a 97 or 1155 single element 12v bulb.  It can be put in the socket either way = "non-indexed"

So try one of the 1158 bulbs in your light socket where this connector

    would go and if it lines up this is the socket you need for those old lights.

These have a large opeining where the wire goes for the heavy 6v light wiring.

Extra bright straight pin 12v tail light bulbs are available from speedway motors.

These do not work for the electroline art deco tail lights.

I accept returns for any reason IF THEY DONT WORK OUT FOR YOU.

If you only need one let me know and I will list a single for you.

Compare to ebay item 171617112910.

This socket will take its place with a screw cap that you can seal the wires with silicone to keep the water out.

These have dust from years of storage, w-d 40 makes them mint.

S/H 5.00 for the pair.

10.00 out of the lower 48 US

Fine print =   NO Express or Implied warranties of any kind whatsoever about this merchandise.
Please know what you are buying or simply ask questions. 
Sold as is. Seller accept returns within 15 days of purchase for any reason.  Buyer pays for return shipping.  Seller is not responsible for consequential or punitive damages of any kind for any reason whatsoever. Sellers liability is limited to the amount paid by buyer including shipping and handeling charges. Except as expressly set forth in the item description. Seller makes NO express or implied warranties of any kind whatsoever about this merchandise.



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