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Ionizer Car 12v Purifier Cleaner Super Plus Ion Auto Aircleanable Useful on

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Санкт-Петербург, 198096, Russian Federation

Санкт-Петербург, 198096, Russian Federation
Condition:New Brand:Bio Country/Region of Manufacture:Russian Federation Model:Super Plus Ion Auto Manufacturer Part Number:3110-3730611 UPC:4601600000306

Ionizer Car 12V purifier cleaner Super plus ion auto  AIRcleanable useful

Super Plus Ion Auto Ionizer:
It can only be used in vehicles specially designed for this purpose and is designed for a small area of ​​work;
Clean air up to 96%;
Low power consumption is a maximum of 3 watts;
Power comes from the cigarette lighter;
Two modes of operation depending on the voltage;
Stylish compact device;
It cleans dust, pollen and unpleasant odors;
Energizes the driver and passengers;
It improves mood, relieves stress.

Power from the vehicle power supply 12-15 V;
Power consumption: 3 W;
The volume of air to be treated: a minimum of 4 m3;
Size ionizer filterable particles from 0.3 to 100 microns;
Cleaning quality: up to 96%;
The concentration of ions at a distance of about 1.5 m from the ionizer: at least 40,000 units \ cm3
The concentration of active oxygen (ozone) at the output of up to 15 micrograms per cubic meter (permissible norm of 30 micrograms \ cubic meter);
Dimensions: 11.6 x 10.2 x 5.7 cm;
Weight: 350 grams;
Production: Russia;
Operating temperature: from +1 to +40 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity up to 80% (if the air humidity is higher, the effect of air purification decreases).

Before use, remove the device from the box and rub it. Next, choose the most convenient place for you to install the device. Most often, it is recommended to install the ionizer on the front panel of the car. If the panel is constructed so that the device keeps badly additionally it can be fixed with adhesive tape.
After installing the cleaner is connected to the cigarette lighter, and then it will alert indicator lights up and the fact that the work is started.
If the vehicle ignition is turned off, most current is supplied to the device, to the ionizer started, switch on the ignition. Green glow indicator indicates that the device is working normally, the red - economy mode at low voltage.
Super Plus Auto Ion gets only positive reviews. All the drivers, install the device in a car, talking about what really feels better, no unpleasant odors, while there is no such extreme fatigue, if there were a long time behind the wheel.
Before use, read the instructions and follow all recommendations of the operation.

Ionizer looks like a small box with the power supply. Power is supplied by a source of 12-15 V, if the voltage decreases, the unit switches to economy mode chadyaschie. Super Ion Auto Plus can be installed in the car on a permanent basis, the work goes as long as the current is supplied from the cigarette lighter. Low energy consumption does not affect the operation of the car, and the purification of air is almost at 100%, after using the device you feel you feel better, you will not overcome fatigue behind the wheel, the mood improved markedly and care on the roads.

Ionizer air Super Ion Auto Plus at work creates a so-called "ionic wind", the air passes through the unit, cleaned with a plate on which to settle all small particles, pollen, dust and soot from the roads. The air is saturated with negative ions similar to sea air, which is useful for our health, especially if we spend a lot of time in the car and rooms that are not well ventilated.
Take care of your health and improve well-being, using an ionizer Super Ion Auto Plus. Inexpensive and effective instrument to make your stay in the car more comfortable.

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