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maryland, US, United States

maryland, US, United States

Porsche Panamera cockpit exposed prior to auto show debut

Thu, 12 Feb 2009

Porsche continued its slow striptease reveal of the Panamera sedan on Thursday with the release of photos of the interior. The Panamera goes on sale in the United States on Oct. 17, Porsche said.

2014 Camaro Z/28 boasts slick aero tricks

Tue, 26 Nov 2013

When the Chevy Camaro Z/28 was unveiled last spring at the New York auto show, we were told how Chevy took stuff out to lighten the car. Trunk carpet and interior sound-deadening material are jettisoned, the sound system has but one speaker, the rear glass is thinner and so on. Despite the decontenting, it turns out the Z/28 is no stripper, at least in terms of aero technology: Chevrolet says the 2014 Camaro Z/28 manages airflow “like few other production vehicles, generating downforce like a race car.” Delving into the hyperbole reveals numerous exterior modifications designed to improve not just aerodynamics, but powertrain and brake-system cooling, as well.

VW pushes upmarket: the new Passat and lessons learned by the Phaeton

Mon, 07 Jul 2014

By John Mahoney Motoring Issues 07 July 2014 08:02 Logically, it makes perfect sense to push the new 2015 VW Passat upmarket far away from the declining, mass-market D-segment it used to inhabit. After all, how can Volkswagen resist a tasty slice of profit the BMW 3-series or Mercedes C-class dishes out to their makers? Even if it does risk stepping on Audi's toes...