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Kawasaki Jetski 2008 Stx-15f Exhaust Manifold 59081-3741 on


Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Condition:Used Brand:Kawasaki Manufacturer Part Number:59081-3741


  • -Kawasaki Part # 59081-3741
    -Retails New For $510.24
  • -Used Part, Sold As Is; It Is Used

  • I took this manifold off my 2008 STX because of a small pin hold that had formed (this was a common problem with this model)
  • I had purchase a new manifold before I knew how early fixed the part was. I brought it to a shop and they repaired the manifold so Now I am selling the repaired unit. You can see how good of shape the manifold is as well as the condition of the engine it came off of.  The repaired section was then painted over with similar paint and reinforced . al this is noticeable i the photos. Please contact me with any questions. 


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    # U59081-3741

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