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Liquid Resin Windshield Glass Repair Kit Chip Crack System on

US $289.00

North Smithfield, Rhode Island, United States

North Smithfield, Rhode Island, United States
"This kit is a complete business in a box, it has everything you need to complete repairs from day one! Items are used but are in good condition, comes with many extras!"
Country/Region of Manufacture:United States

This Kit Comes With the Following Items;

1 Resinator QT Pump Assembly w Legacy Holding Device
1 MVP Bridge (Stainless Steel) Will Hold Resinator QT As Well!
5 Carbide Drill Bits

1  10" Dual Bulb 120 V UV Curing Lamp (two pronged for outlet)

25 Injector Tips for Resinator QT
1 Windshield Repair Large Pit Adapter
1 Razor Blade Holder (black)
25 Razor Blades (Heavy Duty)
1 Extra Long Cleaning Brush Tool (for injector)
1 Inspection Mirror (Adjustable)
1 Roll Curing Film (approx 20')
5 Curing Sheets (2"x 2")
1 1/2 oz. Bottle White Cap Resin*
1 1/2 oz Bottle Acid Free Resin*
1 1/2 oz Bottle Super Hard Pit Resin (Pit Filler)*
1 Bull's-eye Breaker (Center Punch)
1 Super Long Crack Flexor (black)
1 Extra Large UV Protector Screen w Cups
1 Dremel Carrying Pouch
1 Large Clear Acrylic Crack Expander
1 Liquid Resins Resinator Protective Case
1 O-Ring/Flexor Tool (Steel)

*resin bottles are not completely full, however amount needed to fill a break is minimal*

The Liquid Resins Resinator Q.T. (
Quad Tread) is the most advanced and versatile 
windshield repair system 
on the market. The system is the first allow a vacuum to 
applied to the break 
before resin ever touches the glass (dry-vac). 
feature allows the technician 
to pull almost all the air out of the break 
before injecting resin. 
Unlike other systems that may 
require the tech 
to perform tedious 
and time consuming pressure/vacuum cycles 
with very
limited vacuum abilities
sacrificing the time of the tech 
and the appearance of the repair.
With the Resinator Quad Thread you
 can tackle many repairs that with other systems 
would have 
to be turned away (therefore costing YOU money). The Resinator Q.T. can 
very easily on vertical glass
WITHOUT resin leaking backwards out of 
the injector.
The Resinator Injector saves you money because 
resin can be stored in the 
injector for virtually an infinite amount of 
time between repairs.
The Resinator is also resin friendly and 
made of materials that are 
specifically designed to be exposed for
extended periods of time to the 
chemicals used in windshield repair 
resins. The injector is made from polypropylene with 
an ultra 
violet inhibitor. This means that the injector will not allow the resin to 
inside the equipment, which with our competitors could possibly 
hurt the injector. 
The o-ring seals in the unit are also made of a 
proprietary material that does not allow the resin to
deteriorate the o-ring, and cause it to fail prematurely as with many other 
The Resinator QT is also low 
maintenance. Since the injector is made from materials
that are designed specifically for the types of 
resins being used in windshield repair 
the injector is designed with this in mind. 
Most other systems require that the 
injector be cleaned Daily, if not every 
time it's used.  Also the seals in the Resinator
are reliable and cost 
effective, the white tips that are used to seal against the glass
are inexpensive and need only be replaced every 10 to 15 repairs. 
The two 
internal o-ring seals are inexpensive as well with the manufacturer 
recommending replacement as seldom as 
once per year.

Thank you for looking!

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