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Marine Air Conditioning - Chiller - 30 Tons - 360,000btus on


Stuart, Florida, United States

Stuart, Florida, United States
Condition:New Brand:Flagship Marine, Inc Country/Region of Manufacture:United States Manufacturer Part Number:FM360CW

Check out our comprehensive website at FlagshipMarine and call with any questions 800-316-6426 - 772-283-1609 fax 772-283-4611.

Since 1995 Flagship Marine commercial/military quality equipment has been the most rugged and reliable marine air conditioning equipment available on the market. Our emphasis has always been durability and simplicity of design. There are no expensive proprietary printed circuit boards in our equipment and almost everything is over-the-counter! We brag that a child can follow our schematics! YOU WILL NEVER HAVE A $1,200.00 SERVICE CALL TO "REPLACE THE BOARD"!
All of our chillers are controlled by the legendary Ranco ETC controller which are over the counter world wide and cost less than $75.00!  NO PROPRIETARY AND VERY EXPENSIVE electronic controllers and complicated circuitry!!

This is a brand new 360,000 BTU chiller featuring the world renowned Copeland Scroll compressors (2), a bulletproof stainless steel GEA bifurcated evaporator and our extremely rugged 90/10CuNi condenser tubes in a copper shell shown with the OPTIONAL gauge package and CuNi Seawater manifolds.  Shown is an extreme duty military chiller with extra condenser rows for sea water temperatures of up to 105°F.

Of increasing importance and relevance in our evolving industry, we would like to state that we use BRAND NAME, top shelf, compressors manufactured by Panasonic, Tecumseh or Copeland (not a brand you NEVER heard of before), and our condensers, sheet metal and ALL design, fabrication as well as assembly is done at our Stuart, Florida factory locations.  Our air cooled evaporators are manufactured in Texas, and we use the legendary BRAND NAME Dayton blowers.
Our condensers have a VERY heavy, SLICK walled .035"(compare!) 90% copper 10% Nickel inner tube, milled in Pennsylvania, and we do NOT have ANY expensive, proprietary printed circuit boards!  We are proud to state "Built in the USA"!
Check out our comprehensive website at FlagshipMarine and call with any questions 800-316-6426 - 772-283-1609 fax 772-283-4611.

This unit had two completely independent refrigerant circuits, as does the evaporator for unsurpassed reliability, and they will cycle on and off as needed, so it may be a 15 ton chiller if the load is low and when the second circuit engages it becomes a 30 ton chiller.

You will really appreciate the chiller monitors that will advise you the specific reason for a fault condition that is now standard on all of our chillers.
You will also really appreciate our adherence to the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid!) Typically all you need is a screwdriver and a voltmeter to service a Flagship Marine chiller!  NO MULTIPLE, EXPENSIVE, PROPRIETARY PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS!  Measures only 47.5" x 26" x 31.75" high. 230/3 voltage is standard - all voltages and frequencies are available.

Refrigerant modulation is accomplished by EXPANSION VALVES rather than inexpensive capillary tubes that almost always over or under modulate the refrigerant. We cut no corners with the quality of the components or construction of our equipment, and our factory direct prices are hard to beat.

We can charge these with R410a or R407c with no additional charge, but the standard refrigerant is the zero ozone depleting and readily available NU22 - no high pressure gasses with special oils and resultant acid damage hazards, ESPECIALLY WITH CHILLER SYSTEMS.

We manufacture a variety of different sized self contained as well as chiller and air cooled units in all voltages. As with our equipment, our installation kits are second to none. There are no hidden last minute charges for anything with Flagship Marine.

Some advice and common sense about warranties:

As with most contracts, the first and most important thing to read in any warranty is the smallest print... unless it's a "No questions asked" warranty (which they never are). Almost all warranties are only as good as the honor of the company standing behind it.
I know of companies that have literally NEVER performed on their warranty because it is NEVER the fault of the product. "I know this compressor is only two months old, but it obviously failed from low voltage (or high voltage, or a lightening strike, or it's burned from a lack of cooling water - TAKE YOUR PICK!)".
The most wonderful sounding and comprehensive warranty can be absolutely worthless. In some cases they offer extended warranties for a handsome fee, which are again absolutely worthless with the wrong company - save your money! These are nothing more than a very lucrative alternate profit center!
We do not offer "extended warranties" for a fee and we do stand behind our products!

Don’t fall prey to scams - we seldom offer second chance offers - we will never ask you to wire transfer funds to ANYWHERE other than our home address at 2427 SE Dixie Hwy., Stuart, FL Please report any suspicious activities and CONFIRM SECOND CHANCE OFFERS by calling our corporate offices at 772-283-1609.
Check out our comprehensive website at FlagshipMarine and call with any questions 800-316-6426 - 772-283-1609 fax 772-283-4611.

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