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Mercury / Mariner Outboard 40 Hp > Cowl / Hood Latch Lever Bracket # 19430 on


Sebring, Florida, United States

Sebring, Florida, United States
Brand:MERCURY Manufacturer Part Number:19430

This item is a cowl / hood latch / lever & bracket assembly  as shown from a Mariner 40 HP 4 CYL . 
It is used with some signs of use and age.  


Below is the complete list of what this item fits. Please be sure your 
motor is on the list and requires part number 19430.

 Mercury Marine LEVER is used on these models:
1995 1040200RB COWLING
1995 1040202RB COWLING
1992 1040203MD COWLING
1993 1040203ND COWLING
1994 1040203PD COWLING
1995 1040203RB COWLING
1995 1040203RD COWLING
1996 1040203SD COWLING
1997 1040203TD COWLING
1995 1040204RB COWLING
1995 1040210RB COWLING
1995 1040212RB COWLING
1989 10402139D COWLING
1990 1040213JD COWLING
1991 1040213LD COWLING
1992 1040213MD COWLING
1993 1040213ND COWLING
1994 1040213PD COWLING
1995 1040213RB COWLING
1995 1040213RD COWLING
1996 1040213SD COWLING
1997 1040213TD COWLING
1991 1040214LD COWLING
1995 1040214RB COWLING
1995 1040300RB COWLING
1992 1040302MD COWLING
1993 1040302ND COWLING
1994 1040302PD COWLING
1995 1040302RB COWLING
1995 1040302RD COWLING
1996 1040302SD COWLING
1997 1040302TD COWLING
1995 1040310RB COWLING
1990 10403120D COWLING
1989 10403129C COWLING
1989 10403129D COWLING
1990 1040312JC COWLING
1990 1040312JD COWLING
1991 1040312LB COWLING
1991 1040312LD COWLING
1992 1040312MD COWLING
1993 1040312ND COWLING
1994 1040312PD COWLING
1994 1040312PT COWLING
1995 1040312RB COWLING
1995 1040312RD COWLING
1995 1040312RT COWLING
1996 1040312SD COWLING
1996 1040312SN COWLING
1996 1040312ST COWLING
1997 1040312TD COWLING
1997 1040312TN COWLING
1994 1040372PD COWLING
1995 1040372RD COWLING
1996 1040372SD COWLING
1997 1040372TD COWLING
1995 1040410RB COWLING
1989 10404119D COWLING
1990 1040411JD COWLING
1991 1040411LD COWLING
1992 1040411MD COWLING
1993 1040411ND COWLING
1994 1040411PD COWLING
1995 1040411RD COWLING
1996 1040411SD COWLING
1997 1040411TD COWLING
1997 1040411TN COWLING
1990 10404120D COWLING
1989 10404129C COWLING
1989 10404129D COWLING
1990 1040412JC COWLING
1990 1040412JD COWLING
1991 1040412LB COWLING
1991 1040412LD COWLING
1992 1040412MB COWLING
1992 1040412MD COWLING
1993 1040412ND COWLING
1994 1040412PD COWLING
1994 1040412PT COWLING
1995 1040412RB COWLING
1995 1040412RD COWLING
1995 1040412RT COWLING
1996 1040412SD COWLING
1996 1040412SN COWLING
1996 1040412ST COWLING
1997 1040412TD COWLING
1997 1040412TN COWLING
1992 7040203AD COWLING
1993 7040203BD COWLING
1994 7040203CD COWLING
1995 7040203DD COWLING
1996 7040203ED COWLING
1997 7040203FD COWLING
1992 7040213AD COWLING
1993 7040213BD COWLING
1994 7040213CD COWLING
1995 7040213DD COWLING
1996 7040213ED COWLING
1997 7040213FD COWLING
1991 7040213YD COWLING
1992 7040302AD COWLING
1993 7040302BD COWLING
1994 7040302CD COWLING
1995 7040302DD COWLING
1996 7040302ED COWLING
1997 7040302FD COWLING
1992 7040312AD COWLING
1993 7040312BD COWLING
1994 7040312CD COWLING
1994 7040312CT COWLING
1995 7040312DD COWLING
1995 7040312DT COWLING
1996 7040312ED COWLING
1997 7040312FD COWLING
1991 7040312YD COWLING
1994 7040372CD COWLING
1995 7040372DD COWLING
1996 7040372ED COWLING
1997 7040372FD COWLING
1989 70404119D COWLING
1992 7040411AD COWLING
1993 7040411BD COWLING
1994 7040411CD COWLING
1995 7040411DD COWLING
1996 7040411ED COWLING
1997 7040411FD COWLING
1990 7040411SD COWLING
1991 7040411YD COWLING
1990 70404120D COWLING
1989 70404129C COWLING
1989 70404129D COWLING
1992 7040412AD COWLING
1993 7040412BD COWLING
1994 7040412CD COWLING
1994 7040412CT COWLING
1995 7040412DD COWLING
1995 7040412DT COWLING
1996 7040412ED COWLING
1997 7040412FD COWLING
1990 7040412SC COWLING
1990 7040412SD COWLING
1991 7040412YD COWLING
1989 7040D129D COWLING


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