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Motorguide Trolling Motor on


Roscommon, Michigan, United States

Roscommon, Michigan, United States
Condition:Used Brand:MotorGuide Country/Region of Manufacture:United States Engine(HP):109CDS Manufacturer Part Number:9-CX53KQAX

Looking for the perfect gift for your angler? How about a rarely used MotorGuide 36-volt electric trolling motor? This is a model--at least on the warranty card 9-CX53KQAX. However the accompanying instruction book says it is a 109 C DS, or a 109 V. Since it is a "digital" model, I'm going to assume it is the more expensive, "digital steering" model. And, the motor was mounted on my 2009 Lund, and was new in 2009. More photos are available. 36-volt means it is for use with three 12volt batteries. Comes with attached foot steering and power pedal for either always on, instant on, or off positions. All you need to do is attach a plug, set up the system, and fish. It has a 56-inch shaft. I had it on the bow of my Lund, and just purchased a new electric for it, so would like someone else to enjoy the ease of fishing with a quiet electric that can pull you through the water with ease. I do not know the pounds of thrust, but I'm assuming it is 109 lbs. This motor came attached to the boat when I purchased it. It comes with the mount and all hardware to attach. New, I believe this motor was close to $1,500, or more. Since it is heavy, I'd prefer not to ship, or, we can split that but I can also deliver in the metro Detroit or N. Michigan area. Note: shipping below apparently says it'll cost $2.60. It'll be a bit more than that...just a bit! ;). And, for emphasis, I will repeat: I will NOT ship this item for $2. If you want shipping, we can work on that. I've dropped the price on this three times now. I believe it is at rock-bottom for a very good, working, bow troller. The only mars are on the motor housing from the fish-finder transducer mount that was there. It will remain at this price.

Europe’s economic problems sees UK become biggest Ferrari market in Europe

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The Ferrari F12 (pictured) helped Ferrari to strong profits in the first half of 2013 The economic crisis in the Eurozone has seen Ferrari’s sales in countries like Italy and Spain plummet, and Greece managed just one sale in 2012 (and even that came to the UK). But Ferrari have a plan to keep profitability by limiting supply and achieving stronger revenues for the sale they do make – with stuff like Ferrari’s bespokeĀ Atelier and Tailor Made services and Classiche work adding more revenue – to keep them powering forward, and it seems to be working despite poor sales in many European countries. In fact, despite an increase of just 2.8 per cent in volume, Ferrari has managed to increase their profits in the first six months of 2013 by an impressive 20 per cent, with total sales of 3,767 and net profits of ā‚¬1.22 million.

2010 BMW X6 M: Fast and fun--whatever the heck it is

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Barreling around the racetrack, there's little lean entering the corners, plenty of thrust on exit and a monster amount of grip everywhere, and if it feels taxed at all, it's ever so briefly as the nose aims left and up from turn five for the steep climb out of the esses. Road Atlanta is plain ol' fast, and the BMW X6 M does well to keep pace, spilling gobs of power all over the track, blazing down the long back straight to nearly 140 mph, maneuvering like no two-and-half-ton pile of metal should. It's exhilarating stuff, to be sure, only we're left asking very many questions, and all of them are: Why?

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The next generation of Ford's Sync system will turn the car into a wireless connection hotspot. The wireless Internet connection is active when a cellular wireless card, also known as an air card, is plugged into the car's USB port. The connection can than be accessed by wireless devices in the car, such as a laptop computer or a handheld device.