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Mustang Racing 24lb Blue Top Fuel Injectors High Impedance Like New on


Dundalk, Maryland, United States

Dundalk, Maryland, United States
Condition:Used Warranty:No Part Brand:DENSO

24LB BOSCH set of 8 fuel injectors

High Impedance 


Fits Mustangs, Corvettes, Camaros, Firebirds, or can be used for modifying any Ford V-8, Chevy TPI V-8, Chrysler/Dodge V-8, or BMW 6/8 cylinder engine, car or truck.


* 1986-95 5.0 V8 MUSTANGS
* 1996 -2002 4.6 MUSTANGS
* F-Series 5.0/5.8L EFI-MPI
* Lightning Truck 5.8
* 1993-96 4.0 Explorer
* 1990-95 4.0 Aerostar
* 1990-92 4.0 Expl/Ranger
* 1993-94 4.0 Ranger
* 1996 4.0 Aero/Ranger
* Mazda Navajo 4.0
* 1997-98 3.8 Mustang
* 1990-92 5.8 E/F SERIES P/U BRONCO
* 1997-2000 5.4 EXPEDITION
* 1992-98 4.6 CROWN VICTORIA
* 1986-90 5.0 LINCOLN TOWNCAR
* 1991-96 4.6 LINCOLN TOWNCAR

* 1990 deville 4.5 V-8
* 1991-95 deVille 4.9 V-8
* 1986-2004 Chevrolet Corvette
* 1985-2002 Firebird 5.0L/5.7L
* 1985-2002 Camaro 5.0L/5.7L
* 1994-96 Caprice 4.3 V-8
* 1994-96 Chevrolet Impala

* 90-93 Trk/Van 5.2 5.9 V8
* 87-95 Dakota 3.9 V-6

BMW Applications: 4.0, 4.4 V-8:
* 1996-98 840ci
* 1994-95 530i-3.0 V-8
* 1991-94 318i, 318is
* 1985 318i 1766cc L-Jet
* 1988 325e
* 1988 528e
* 1985-87 635CSi
* 1985-93 535i
* 1985-92 735i
* 1988-92 735iL
* 1987 L6, L7
* 1992-98 740i, 740iL
* 1992-98 540i

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