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Nascar Howe Late Model Stock Car (complete) on


Butler, Pennsylvania, United States

Butler, Pennsylvania, United States
Condition:Used Brand:Howe

I think this is a car that was built on 2009 with both new and used parts. It was built to run at Irwindale Speedway. I took the car as a trade so I do not have a lot of other info on the car. It has the Two Barrel "Open" engine vs the crate engine option. Other features include, 4-2-1 headers with merge collectors, 9" rearend, and dual MSD units. Transmission is a four speed with 1st and 2nd gear removed. This is pretty much a complete car that either could be raced or parted out. Car and engine was built by Alex Decuir who has built a few track championship cars over the years. I can talk to Alex if you want more details about the car. The worse part about this car is that the chassis now has some surface rust. Being that the car was built and maintained in the high desert climate, paint was not necc or desired but the car has been stored in PA and now has surface rust. Engine runs and sounds stout! Seat belts are outdated and need replaced. From what I understand, this car (at least chassis) was never raced. This car has to go!!!!! Very low reserve!

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