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Harmony, North Carolina, United States

Harmony, North Carolina, United States
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     My name is Bonnie Walker, President and CEO of American Dream Transport Services Inc. Our company started in 1997 as a licensed Carrier.  We worked closely with the three main automotive manufacturers in the US and Ontario transporting expedited freight to their assembly lines.  As an expedited carrier you are held to a much higher standard than an ordinary carrier and being late on a delivery could mean the shutdown of an assembly plant and fines of up to $10,000 per hour.  Our drivers were the best in the business and our equipment very well maintained.  We eventually transitioned into moving cars exclusively, and brought those same high standards with us. We expanded our business to include brokerage in 2010 to handle the excess business that our trucks could not.

My years of experience as an expedited carrier have taught me that a successful carrier keeps their vehicles and trailers maintained properly (including good tires, brakes, and preventative maintenance), has adequate or above insurance, has a LOW DOT Safety Rating (meaning no infractions) and knows how to figure those costs into their rate and still be competitive.  Because we require our trucks and trailers to be well maintained and carry adequate insurance our rates will never be the lowest.  They will be medium to medium high, but you get what you pay for.  If you go with the lowest quote you are normally getting a substandard carrier, with substandard equipment, that probably has a HIGH DOT Safety Rating (each infraction increases your rating) and is subject to being held at a DOT station (if they do not pass inspection) until they have someone come out and make the necessary repairs.  Just because a carrier can haul for you cheaper, does not mean it should. Many companies are underinsured, have poor delivery records, high claim rates and questionable safety records. Although on today’s crowded highways “accidents” do happen, the elimination of substandard carriers can vastly reduce these incidents.

As a broker, we know that if you use a carrier that is willing to transport any freight for bottom dollar you may save money but the risk to your vehicle is not worth what you may save.  No carrier can maintain his vehicles properly and afford to maintain adequate insurance if he is working for fuel money.   Yes I am a broker and yes I earn my living moving vehicles. The key word is “Earn”. I work directly with you and for you. I am committed to making sure your vehicle is moved in a safe timely manner. I may not have the cheapest bid on your move. I will have the most cost effective one though.

Whether it is the family car or that classic sports car your customer has dreamed of, you can count on us to go the extra mile to screen each carrier and:

Verify their License and Authority are active;

Verify (directly through their insurance company) their Insurance is current and the Cargo Insurance is Sufficient to cover total number of vehicles carried;

Verify their DOT Safety Rating is LOW (little or no infractions) for their equipment AND drivers;

Verify their Performance Rating is HIGH with others that have used them;

Contract with Carrier prohibiting transferring your car to another carrier, driving your vehicle, dropping your vehicle in a terminal and put on another trailer, or removing your vehicle from their trailer for any reason until it reaches the delivery.

Require 24 Hour Vehicle Tracking.

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