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Pbr Cartruck Headlight Kit Cleaner Restorer Renewer Repair Yellow Detail Diy on

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Bedford, Massachusetts, US

Bedford, Massachusetts, US
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"I couldn't believe how well this product worked. My 1976 Sea Ray looks like new again!"

--Ken A.Bay Village, Ohio




Engineered For ALL Fiberglass Watercraft, Aircraft & RV's

This auction is for 1 oz PBR, and 1 oz Prep Cleaner.

This kit can be used to clean (remove yellow with Prep) and seal a dozen headlights!

Or fix up all your scratches and plastic trim!

Car Scratches, Faded Paint, Faded bumpers and plastics...use what the best professionals use!!!


PRESTO!™ Headlight Reconditioning and Repair Procedures


NOTE: Dirt and fungus that has gotten into the headlight because of a broken seal can not be removed using these products.

Keep water based PRESTO! PREP™ from freezing; store and use it above 40oF.

Warmer temperatures make PRESTO! PBR™ to flow and level better - NOT DRY. APPLICATION TIP: A heat lamp or hair dryer can be used to help flow and level PRESTO! PBR™ without causing it to harden. PRESTO! PBR™ is hardened ONLY by UV light and not heat.

CAUTION: To avoid premature cure, PRESTO! PBR™ is best applied in the shade, under a car port or indoors, out of direct UV light.


1. Cleaning and preparing the headlight surface. Generously spray PRESTO! PREP™ onto the headlamp. On contact, yellowing and surface dirt will start to wash away including surface contaminants such as tar, wax silicone and so on. Scrub any troublesome spots as needed. Wipe the surface with a wet towel and towel dry. Estimated time for this step: under 1 minute.

2. If the surface is smooth to the touch, skip this step. If the surface has become rough to the touch, lightly wet sand the surface with 2,000 grit sand paper until smooth. A DA sander gets the job done much faster. If the surface has been dented, scratched or severely scuffed, this type of damage requires repairing - see below for repair directions. Use PRESTO! PREP™ to wash away any sanding residue, wipe and towel dry. Estimated time for this step: 1-2 minutes. APPLICATION TIP: Reconditioning results can be made to last for 3+ years if the original scratch resistant coating is completely removed and replaced with PRESTO! PBR™ . Follow the surface repair procedure below to remove the original coating.

3. Open the PRESTO! PBR™ bottle and using a pencil or pen tip poke a small hole in the silver foil seal. This will minimize UV entering the bottle. Using the provided white application sponge, apply a few drops of PRESTO! PBR™ onto the narrow end of the sponge. Using the sponge like a brush, apply the PRESTO! PBR™ to the headlight surface. PRESTO! PBR™ will make the headlight go clear on contact. Wipe away or add more PRESTO! PBR™ as needed until the coating looks nice and even on the headlight surface. Then, expose the headlight to natural sunlight. Estimated time for application: 1-2 minutes seconds. Estimated time for curing to tack free surface: 15 minutes + depending upon UV conditions. APPLICATION TIP: If needed, any dust or other contaminants that may have gotten into the coating before it hardened can be polished away using your favorite polishing compound. NOTE: PRESTO! PBR™ is recoatable; simply follow regular surface prep for repainting.

If working at night or the headlights can not be exposed to sunlight, PRESTO! PBR™ can be hardened to a tack free surface in several seconds using a self ballasted, medium pressure, mercury arc lamp (without white, phosphate coating).

HEADLIGHT SURFACE **REPAIR of clouding as well as Scuffs & Gouges**

1. Clean and prepare the headlight surface following step 1 of the headlight reconditioning procedure.

2. Use 800 grit sand paper to sand away the surface damage and the original scratch resistant coating. BE CAREFUL NOT TO SAND A HOLE THROUGH YOUR HEADLIGHT! From time to time check your progress in eliminating the damage. Estimated time for this step depends on the severity of the damage. The original coating will look shiny while the area where the coating has been removed will look dull.

3. Follow steps 2-3 of the headlight reconditioning procedure. This procedure will produce results that will last for at least 3 years. The coating will not yellow or turn white for up to 5 years.

NOTE: Because PRESTO! PBR™ is relatively high in viscosity, it will apply a coating far thicker than the original scratch resistant coating resulting in longer service life and better protection.

Use PRO PBR™  on cars, boats, RV’s and 99% of all other outdoor plastics - except latex. As little as one coat can restore the showroom-like appearance of vehicles for years - without flaking or yellowing.

Restore shine and seal and hide scratches! Professional formulation.

PRO PBR™  is ideal for removing spider web scratches.

This product is colorless and does not replace or repair missing or damaged color. Typical cure time in full sunlight at 80oF is 1 hour. Overcast skies and colder temperatures will extend cure time. Cure Times of 1 minute are possible using the same UV lamps used for windshield repairs and UV Primers. Typical coverage is 100 Sq. Ft. per US. Fl. Oz.

PRO PBR™  can also be used for:

• Filling Minor Clearcoat Sctratches & Scuffs on:

- Clearcoats  

- Waterborne Clearcoat

- Vintage Car Paints   

- Exposed Colorcoat
• Sealing, Filling, Stabilizing and Rejuvenating Moderately Faded, Weathered or Oxidzed Surfaces Such As:

- Clouded Headlights

- Fiberglass  

- Gelcoat   

- TPO Bumpers, Fenders & Flaring

- Polycarbonate

- Laminates     

- PVC   

- Vinyl     

- Cladding


PRODUCT Directions for PRO PBR™

. These products are self leveling and should be applied at temperatures above 55o F. Protect these products from freezing by storing them above 32o F. PROTECT CONTENTS from sunlight! NEVER pour these products directly onto the work surface because they may harden before you expect it.

1. Wash & dry the surface. Wash the surface with soap and water. Allow the surface to dry completely before applying the product. Wax remover is strongly recommended on gelcoat surfaces. We recommend using PRESTO! Wax-OFF™  which is a solvent free wax and oxidation remover that eliminates as much as 75% of the buffing needed to get high gloss results.

2. Shake bottle before using. Apply the product in the morning while UV levels are low, or apply in the shade, or apply the product in the shadow of your body. Using disposable plain paper towels lightly apply these products by hand. DO NOT RUB because paper towels can scratch surfaces. As the towel starts to harden with product, dispose of the towel or wrap a new towel around the old one. Dispose of towels as needed as non-hazardous, solid waste. Protect surface from dirt & water until dry to the touch.  If you have problems call customer support TOLL FREE at: 877-777-3205.


  • NO Silicone or Wax Content 
  • PTFE Fluoropolymer Protection
  • Sunlight/Daylight Activated Hardener, but will Harden on a Cloudy Day
  • One Application Lasts for Years
  • Fast & Easy Wipe-On Application: 
    Wipe-on with clean paper towel
  • Sold Ready To Use:
    NO Hardeners, Retarders or Reducers To Mix
  • NO Compounding, Sanding or Buffing
  • Self-Levelling
  • Waxable, Sandable & Re-Paintable
  • Works on ALL Colors
  • Out-Performs Automotive OEM Paint:
    • 300% Harder to Scratch or Scuff
    • 200% Better Chemical Resistance
    • Superior Color Protection & UV Blocking
  • Non-Yellowing & Non-Flaking Urethane
  • Fights Traditional Weathering
  • 100% POLYMER Formula Means:
    • NO Free Isocyanates • NO Water
    • NO Alcohol • NO Solvents
    • NO Solvent Related Hazards
    • 0.0% Volatile Organic Components (VOC’s)
    • Non-Polluting, Non-Toxic & Non-Carcinogenic

"I have never contacted someone before to tell the how good or bad their product was. It’s just not me, but I am so astonished how well this stuff works. I have a red 272 formula and in minutes it made the damn thing look brand new. I have already called all my boater friends. You HAVE to get this stuff in marinas across the country. This product is way too good for people to not know about. I am going to bring some to my local marina to show how good it works. Thanks for saving me a weekend of buffing and waxing."


"I recently used the gelcoat rejuvenator on my faded 20 foot boat and I simply cannot believe the results.  I only wish I had found this product before I spent an entire weekend compounding and waxing the other side with poor results.  You should consider me to be your "new" salesmen in New York.  I am going to be telling everyone at my marina about this awesome product! It's a life saver!  I have enclosed some photos of my boat."

--Mike Islip, Terrace NY
 How It Works!

As gelcoat surfaces wear, the chemicals wash out which creates microscopic pores. As a result, the surface looks white or faded. PRESTO!™ penetrates, fills & seals these pores restoring surface color & fighting future damage.

Unlike other products, PRESTO!™ is so durable it lasts for years – not weeks. PRESTO!™ will not wash away like wax, silicone or oil-based products. Because PRESTO!™ penetrates surfaces so effectively, as little as one coat can restore the showroom-like appearance of your vehicle.

PRESTO!™ was developed & tested over 15 years before the first bottle was ever sold. Other car care products use the same old, conventional chemicals which is why they perform the same old way. We pioneered the use of new and unique, higher performing chemistry that gives PRESTO!™ abilities that NO other automotive or marine care product can meet or beat.

  • In the time it takes to read this, PRESTO!™ PRO takes care of scratches, scuffs & fade damage - permanently!
  • Combines PTFE & clear coat protection in a single, ready to use package. Simply shake & wipe-on!
  • FAST & EASY Wipe-On & Wipe-Off Application with regular, clean, paper towels.
  • Engineered specifically for MARINE fiberglass/gelcoats of any color.
  • Save hundreds of dollars in time, money, effort & repair shop costs with each bottle.
  • Out performs silicone, wax or oil-based products including “PTFE waxes.”
  • Once cured, will not wash away or discolor with time or water like silicone, wax or oil based products including “PTFE waxes.”
ProTech Polymer Products, Ltd. is concerned with human & environmental safety. All PRESTO!™ products are non-toxic & environmentally friendly. The manufacturer believes so strongly in PRESTO!™ that they back PRESTO!™ with a Limited Five-Year Warranty.

To learn more about automotive applications, please see our other auctions! 

How Much Will PRESTO!™ Cover?

One fluid ounce of PRESTO!™ will cover up tp 100 square feet. Here's how ounces it will take to do different sized cars, SUV's, boats, RV's, and aircraft.

Small to Midsize Car (Use PRESTO!™ PRO) 2 oz. PRESTO!™ PRO
Large Car/SUV (Use PRESTO!™ PRO) 2-4 oz. PRESTO!™ PRO              
Fiberglass Boat (Use Gelcoat Rejuvenator) less than 17' use 4 oz. Gelcoat Rejuvenator 17-23' use 6 oz.  (one 4 oz.+ one 2 oz.  Bottles) 24-35' use 8 oz.     To get other sizes click here!      

Fibergalss RV (Use Gelcoat Rejuvenator) less than 17' use 4 oz. Gelcoat Rejuvenator  17-23' = 6 oz. (one 4+ one 2 oz.  Bottles) 24-30' = 8 oz. 31-35' = 10 oz  36-40' = 12 oz. 41-45' = 12 to 14 oz. 46-50' = 16 to 18 oz.  
Fiberglass Aircraft (Use Gelcoat Rejuvenator) Single Engine = use 8 oz. Gelcoat Rejuvenator Cabin Class Twin = 10 oz King Air 90 = 12 oz King Air 200 = 16 oz Citation 500 = 18 oz Lear 25 = 18 oz Citation III = 26 oz Gulfstream = 50 oz

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User: mick-gm ( 456)
Positive feedback rating Absolutely incredible!!!!!! This stuff works like nothing else. A+A+A+A+A+ -Mick
User: bosoxgordon ( 2 )
Positive feedback rating Quick shipping, amazing results with my old gelcoat. Took care of the fading.
User: treat48tri ( 188)
Positive feedback rating GREAT!!!product,FASTshipper, Add to my favorites, this really works......
User: ridgeline4me ( 17)

Positive feedback rating I just applyed it yesterday, WOW what an amazing differance. Wonderful product
User:astrodave16 ( 51)

Positive feedback rating Very fast! Presto Shine works absolutely as promised...Fantastic product!!! :)
User:emt981025 ( 210)

Positive feedback rating
Wow this product is awsome. Thanks, made my boat look new again
User: ladyfishfatima ( 89)
Positive feedback rating Been boating for over 50 yrs, and have never seen a product work as good, super.
User: harleyonefatboy ( 66  

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